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ASTEROIDS ~ Interesting question about close approaches!!

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United Kingdom
02/07/2013 08:22 AM
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ASTEROIDS ~ Interesting question about close approaches!!
Just a tad concerned about something!

Now we all know that I know absolutely nothing about astronomy or space calculations! Right!!

So, could someone explain why Space Weather.com carries a list of different near Earth objects that are due to fly by than the RSOE website does?

For instance there is one due by today (7th February) according to RSOE (2002-LY1) but there is no mention of it on Space Weather.com??

I'm sure there's a logical explanation!

Space Weather
[link to spaceweather.com]

[link to hisz.rsoe.hu]

For all those interested in the projected path of 2012-DA14 by the way here it is...
2012-DA14 Projected path.
[link to thewatchers.adorraeli.com]

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