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I witnessed something that gave me hope for the future yesterday

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United States
02/07/2013 08:24 AM
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I witnessed something that gave me hope for the future yesterday
Please read this!
I posted a thread on here yesterday about trying to get the fellow GLPers to vote for my friend to win free Bon Jovi tickets. He won them, but that's besides the point. He was down by over 100 votes ( and yes 100 votes is a lot here this radio station giving away the tickets is from this small redneck town that I'm from. My friend won with only like 400 votes). But anyways, point is all my friend did was ask his friends to help him get votes. Being down over 100 we started messaging everyone on facebook, even people we didn't know, asking them to vote for my friend. He won today by over 80 votes. But what I witnessed was a collective group doing everything in their power to accomplish this task and they did it. Trust me me and my friends were on facebook constantly asking anyone who logged on to vote for him. Most people were nice enough to. And trust me again this task seemed almost impossible. But as a GROUP, as a TEAM, we did it. WE NEED AS A TEAM TO TAKE DOWN TPTB. WE NEED TO STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. Lets take control. Lets win those "Bon Jovi tickets"