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MSM: Aurotha theater shooting victims harrased by conspiracy theorists

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/07/2013 01:06 PM
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MSM: Aurotha theater shooting victims harrased by conspiracy theorists
It just keeps getting better and better.

Seems to me that the government is in full blown damage control mode as of late:

[link to news.yahoo.com]

Aurora theater shooting victims harassed by conspiracy theorists

Some survivors of the mass shooting in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater last year have been "relentlessly" harassed by conspiracy theorists who believe the shooting never happened, according to a court document.

In a court filing this week, Deputy District Attorney George Brauchler wrote that "proponents of purported 'conspiracies' ... have contacted victims in this case, some of whom have even gone so far as to recruit other members of the public to contact the victims and to publicly post maps with the home addresses and phone numbers of the victims on various social media sites."

The targeted people have expressed concerns about their "privacy and personal safety," the district attorney continued.......