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15 year old invents 3 cent, 100% full proof method for earliest detection of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung Cancer

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/08/2013 07:24 AM
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Re: 15 year old invents 3 cent, 100% full proof method for earliest detection of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung Cancer
This young man is brilliant and has a wonderful heart. I pray he goes far in medical cures and that many will be healed because others listen to him and use his techniques.
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if true he will be killed or attacked by people
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In short, the elitists are getting rich off the unnecessary deaths of the common citizens. The current medical establishment has been structured and financed by the rich industrialists and their lobbyists, so of course, the AMA and FDA pressure, suppress and even ban medical discoveries that would almost bankrupt their own corporate sponsors and alliances. As a result, the "system" has become more concerned with wealth than health.

If the masses found out that they could cure themselves of these pathogens for a couple hundred dollars, the elitist pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions would lose hundreds of billions of dollars overnight. Unfortunately, diseases like cancer and AIDS have become very profitable businesses for many tentacles of the medical industry. A customer cured is a customer lost in the eyes of the greedy, cold-hearted socialists.

But in reality, many patients could cure themselves in a few weeks without any help from the elitist profiteers or the medical establishment. Of course, the last thing the industrial socialists want is for the public to know that they are no longer dependent on the establishment to survive. Once the masses know the truth, the elitists can no longer use our own bodies to blackmail us into paying for billions of dollars worth of useless treatments each year. It is time to take our power back from the pharmaceutical Mafia and heal our selves.

Why should we just lay down and die because a greedy elite oligarchy says it is illegal to take the cure. Actually, the FDA does not even have any jurisdiction over the cure for cancer or the cure for AIDS, because the Christian researchers found that no pharmaceutical chemicals or processed food is necessary... hence no need for the "Food and Drug Administration."
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bsflag..Ramblings Of Ignorance

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United States
02/08/2013 07:27 AM
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Re: 15 year old invents 3 cent, 100% full proof method for earliest detection of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung Cancer
I think this is wonderful that a boy this age can have this idea and put into a working product, but I think a more important thing is revealing the commonly available substances that reduce or eliminate the possibility of ever getting cancer.

If you grind up apricot seeds and apple seeds and consume a gram or two a day, you will NOT get cancer. This is not a cure for cancer once you already have it, though it does slow the growth greatly. Doctors know about vitamin b-17 and that's why doctors DON'T GET CANCER.

You have to understand that the medical industry does not make money off of preventing disease, it profits from it. It is also important to realize that the AMA has long had a secret agenda of limiting lifespan and population, and that doctors are the leading cause of death in the developed world..
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Yup! Its insane.
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It's insane to believe this Total Bullshit..

If There's a "Long Secret agenda of limiting lifespan and population" how The Fuck does this Anonymous Coward on GLP know about it??

When yoy get Cancer just follow this AC's advice and you'll be fine..cruise

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11360402
If you get cancer try Essiac tea first.
From the above: Actualy Doctors do get cancer, It happened to the doc who killed my mother,
This situation, will be buried more than likely. Maybe someday.
It reminds me of the frequency generator...senario. The medical community know it works, But is so easy to use, they are looking for ways to make more $$$. Macular degeneration, it happened to me. Cost me $15.00 for a program driver,,,already had the generator, put two electrodes on the temple area,and let it work..
Did both eyes at once. harmless to me.
Now a days, go to a eye doc who specalizes in this ,,they look for ways of placing 6 electrodes around the eye, come back for more visits, or some is paying 2,500 a month to have needle stick in there eye. Just md, 2 billion a year probably more.
This should cost someone who has md about $300.00 for the varizapper.
Do your homework people.