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Did They Know Something About The Moon Before First Landing?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25941491
02/07/2013 05:10 PM
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Did They Know Something About The Moon Before First Landing?
this discussion of why they were emphasizing 'Peace' so much during Apollo 11's first manned landing on the Moon would be of interest. The original is in blog format at: [link to www.wecameinpeace.net] and it includes all pictures and supporting links. Thanks for reading.

For the Apollo 11 mission to land first humans on the Moon, it was decided that expressing our peaceful intention behind the landing was important enough that it was done in three different ways.

1. Written Statement: The statement “WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND” was added to the commemorative plaque which was permanently left on the Moon. The plaque was attached to the Lunar Module’s descent stage, near the ladder from which first humans climbed down to set foot on the lunar surface.

2. Mission Patch Symbolism: The mission patches have always played an important role in space missions, often incorporating symbols to detail aspects of the mission. For the Apollo 11 mission, it was an eagle carrying the olive branch, about to land on the Moon. Half-lit Earth in much smaller scale is shown in the background with eastern Americas in view. In the Western world, the olive branch and extending of the olive branch has symbolized the gesture of peace since the ancient times.

3. Golden Token of Peace: Last but not least, the first humans to land on the Moon placed an olive branch molded from gold on the surface upon landing. Now that should show how serious they really were about emphasizing mankind’s peaceful intentions when we landed on the Moon for the first time in history.

If action follows intention as it usually does, then all the emphasis on peace during mankind’s first ever lunar landing was all for the Moon and none for the Earth despite the official narrative. On Earth, back then and now, the US has always maintained the largest military budget on the planet and never really stopped involving itself in conflict of one type or another.

At this point, I’d like to ask the readers to consider the following interpretation of “We Came In Peace For All Mankind”. Obviously, countries don’t extend olive branches to rocks or mountains. Nor was the US in the habit of randomly offering peace gestures at the vast emptiness of space. This statement then may have been intended for the technologically superior entity(s) on the Moon independently discovered by the US and USSR during lunar orbital reconnaissance missions (Lunar Orbiter, Zond) that preceded the first manned landing.

The fact modifier ‘For All Mankind’ was included in the peace statement is interesting. This was during ultra-competitive space/nuclear arms race era and phrase “For All Mankind” must by definition include USSR. This meant that US was technically speaking for USSR on matter of security on the Moon, which would be inconceivable given the geopolitical situation at the time.

That is, unless either USSR gave prior consent or there already existed strategic lunar cooperation between the two Super Powers, possibly in reaction to what each nation discovered on the Moon. It follows then the intelligence data from the Moon may have had global security implications.

Shortly after the last manned mission to the Moon in 1972, the two Cold War rivals combined forces in the peaceful joint space program but they would not send men again to the Moon.

Read more: [link to www.wecameinpeace.net]