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Possible Ke$ha Superbowl Connection

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 32515530
United States
02/07/2013 06:12 PM
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Possible Ke$ha Superbowl Connection
Everyone knows by now Ke$ha is an illuminati puppet. If her video Die young doesn't convince you then you are hopelessly lost. Most of her videos, infact are replete with illuminati/masonic symbolism.

The lyrics to her song Blow include:

Drink that Kool-Aid
Follow my lead
Now you're one of us
You're coming with me

It's time to kill the lights
And shut the DJ down
(This place about to)
Tonight we're taking over
No one's getting out

This place about to blow, blow
This place about to blow, blow
This place about to blow, blow
This place about to blow, blow
This place about to

Now what?
We're taking control
We get what we want
We do what you don't

WELLLL-- "It's time to kill the lights" is likely a reference to the ritual we all witnessed at the superbowl. I interpret it this way:
When the world financial system crashes, it will be instantaneous. It will take a long time to get going again and people will be standing around going WTF is happening here.
You're right Ke$ha, this place IS about to blow.
And your handlers have known about it for a long time.
Your handlers are taking control during the upcoming "period of disequilibrium." Are they going to get what they want?
Just who is the DJ? Obama? The status quo?
Feel free to add to this...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33320621
02/07/2013 06:20 PM
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Re: Possible Ke$ha Superbowl Connection
seems legit, been following kesha for a while. Definitely an agenda being pushed there!

I heard one song the other day and it made me sick, seeing people singing along, with out the slightest clue what it really means...