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Potlickers Keep Trying To "Freak Out" People On Local "News"

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United States
02/07/2013 07:00 PM
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Potlickers Keep Trying To "Freak Out" People On Local "News"
Well tonight our local news started off with around 5 minutes of shootings/guns/Police/ some of it was news from months and months ago some had to do with the CA police thing happening, then after that they put in a few minutes of speaking about the Mentally Handicap. It was just so blatent and totally ticks me off. This is a little midwest area and anyone who has their eyes open can see how this is being played! But I bet money that there are so many homes full of folks slurping it down thinking "We have to ban weapons, we have to have more LAWS" Stinking mind games tptb are playing! rocket