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it's ok, LOVE wins this time

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02/07/2013 08:32 PM
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it's ok, LOVE wins this time
the superbowl was a family conflict resolution. San fran is UNITED NATIONS and BALTIOMRE IS DMV. The more calm reserved borther's team won. That energy that possessed Beyonce and was captured on cam was a harnessed energy based on blood sacrifices (katrina) lay lines and energy (New Orleans is an amazing energy incubator) literally was transferred to the SF team and it was so powerful the lights went out. But love won.

Ray Lewis was on trial with 2 people. One of them was named Joseph Sweeting. He was somebody who Used to be in my house daily growing up.

You might want to look into the murder of a University of Miami football player named Marlon Barnes and understand more of the Blood sacrifice Ray made to be where he is today.
"a foundation built on lies is always bound to crumble and those who aren't humble shall tumble to the earth"