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The true secrest of the elites

User ID: 32351265
02/07/2013 09:29 PM
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The true secrest of the elites
Time and time again civilizations have been left to grow then fall? why? progression. they left and also facilitate a sort of purification of unwanted and wanted. But I am talking about ideas each new empire seems to always be great in it's beginning but always end up becoming a place where drugs and all sorts of other bad shit is drown into it for the purpose of profit money. Then it falls a new one springs up and rinse and repeat. Now the purpose of this little game is to point things to a heading, a tip like the tip of hmm? a pyramid? To these people u guys call elites there has only been one plan regardless of group clan or w/e the more knowledge you attain. the greater you are that's why no empire is important to these so called elites lurking in the shadows it's in your face if you look around, and i don't mean left and right ... history repeats it self always.