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Location, Location, The USA, an Agenda?

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United States
02/07/2013 10:49 PM
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Location, Location, The USA, an Agenda?
If the USA was uninhabited by people, where would you live? Hard to beat coastal southern California. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado have mild winters and temperate summers. Southeast Midwest is decent, not frigid in winter, not too sultry in summer. Southern New England is perhaps slightly nicer than the SE Midwest. The Agenda? It could be more than a coincidence that most States in financial trouble reside in these areas. It could be more than a coincidence that extreme gun control and crime are common in some of these areas. It's as if the Elite had it all set up long ago. Ruin California with unchecked immigration, high cost of living, and free State college tuition. Ruin Chicago with drugs and poverty. Detroit, pull the plug on US auto industry. New York, drugs, immigration, cost of living. D.C, like New York. Now Connecticut, more draconian gun control unfolding. THEY want to be safe. Is it any wonder that tough gun laws exist or are in the works were they reside? Denver doesn't fit, but I doubt it will matter when the time comes.
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