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Message Subject How were you introduced to the concept of the Chemtrail conspiracy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The deliberate spraying of particulates into the atmosphere is extremely obvious and plentiful for numerous reasons - different appearance than normal contrails, different flight patterns than normal air traffic, different dispersal and spread pattern than normal contrails, obvious creation of haze and white sky from blue, and many others.

This thread is pure disinfo, mixing fact with doubt with irrelevency with trivia, and asking people to prove the obvious, to consider themselves as potentially wrong when they feel no such need, and to deny the fundamental legitimacy of people's observations of the sky unless they are certified aeronautical engineers.

Bunk. They're spraying the hell out of the skies, and the whole world knows it. It's screwed with th wheather, it's screwed with the crops, it's screwed with the rain and the storms, and whenever anyone analyzes the crap, it's filled with so many toxins it's a wonder we're not already dead.

Then you get an asshole coming on and saying, "now, think carefully, are you absolutely, positively, sure that you know what an airplane is? Can you explain how a jet engine works? Why do you think decades of watching normal aircraft in the sky has anything to do with your ability to remember what a normal aircraft contrail looks like? Do you always go around claiming to be an expert in things you don't have a Ph.D. in? Have you ever actually flown a multi-engine jet plane yourself? Then why on earth do you think you can say that that heavy, thick, white, crossed-x pattern in the sky that turn the sky completely white, smells like chemicals and dries your skin, leaving white poisonous crud on everything, isn't completely ordinary and normal? Do you have a doctorate in cellular biology? Well, DO you?

:: spit ::
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33028811

You are absolutely correct. I think that George B has an agenda. the difference with him and other shills is that he is using psychological methods of being nice but sneaky.

He doesn't fool all the people. I have been noticing this for a long time now with all his threads.
Often I wonder if he is not working alone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34004479

I do have an agenda . . . I want a rational discussion/debate between the two extremes of the Chemtrail conspiracy . . . I am between the two in many ways . . . I also want the people who support the existence of chemtrails to understand the science behind the alternate explanations for trails in the sky . . . that in no way harms their advocacy of their position . . . I think it helps them to justify their position . . . coffee4
 Quoting: George B

I don't believe you, sorry. Your double talk again, "alternate explanations for trails in the sky"

Big Fat other AGENDA!

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