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Message Subject How were you introduced to the concept of the Chemtrail conspiracy?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
A conversation with a combat pilot who was a commercial pilot . . . I think it is very interesting . . . coffee4

"Excellent questions. Seriously. As to knowing whether we're conning, there are two ways:

1. First, if you're flying a fighter (I was an F-16 pilot) your wingman will tell you when you start to con. Being line-abreast, they can see your 6:00 and can see it. We used to climb up to find the con altitude before a mock battle because we wouldn't want to give our position away - we'd climb to find the con flight level (flight level is altitude) and then fight below that altitude. The con flight level changes with the characteristics of the atmosphere. Every hour it's different at every altitude, so we'd have to check it before every engagement.

2. Second, in an airliner where you have no wingman that can check your 6:00, the only way I was ever able to tell if we were conning was to look at other airplanes at close to my altitude, OR, if the sun was at the right angle - looking at my shadow. The airplane and the con cast a shadow - if the sun is at the right angle you can see it. 3. As to the fuel - yes. The fueler who pumps fuel into the jet gives us a "report" (fuel slip). That report indicates the quantity of fuel, the tanks the fuel was put in to and the type of fuel that we were fueled with. As an interesting aside - since jet fuel weighs approximatly 6.7 lbs per gallon and since .67 (decimal shift intended) is mathematically two-thirds... it was easy to check the weight of the fuel in the airplane. If they pumped 10000 lbs of fuel into the airplane, you divide 10,000 by 2/3 (when you divide by a fraction you multiply by the inverse of the fraction - 10,000 x 3/2 (or 1.5) - disregarding the decimal) and you get 1500 gallons. So, when you're pumping jet fuel, take the pounds and multiply by 1.5 and you get gallons divided by ten.

Saudi Pic 1991
Now, as to these aerial photos you have - these are air-refueling tanker tracts. In a war, you have to have many gas stations in the sky. Tankers orbit waiting to give gas to returning fighters. That is what those cons are - unless they're photoshopped.

Chemtrail Prevai
As to the oval cons in a previous post, that is an FCF tract.
I was an FCF pilot. FCF stands for "Functional check flight." Whenever a military or commercial jet has an engine change or a flight control change, it has to be tested on a flight before it can be used operationally. Those tests have to be conducted within a certain airspace. So, the pilot goes out a ways and then turns and comes back towards home base. They have to stay in military airspace. If they get back home and the test isn't complete, they turn away and do it again. There is no conspiracy there. Thread: Chemtrail Poll . . . do you think chemtrails are real? See the Results NOW! (Page 6)
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