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Message Subject Jerusalem expects Obama will bring new "Peace Plan", demand breakthrough....
Poster Handle Horus of the Two Horizons
Post Content
The "7 year" tribulation is already underway. He will stand in the Temple June 6, 2016 just as Venus (The Morning Star) is behind the Sun exactly 1260 days (see Daniel) after 12/21/2012

All End Times events play out with people on the ground and astronomical counterparts in the sky - the Bible is very clear on End Times events - and their timing - through astronomical signs. Especially the wedding of the Son and His bride.

Judgment Day is the last day of the wedding in the sky taking place December 21-28, 2019

I really hope some of you get my book - not for the $1-2 I may get but because I go into great detail and I think anyone interested will understand - and can be prepared.

To read the first page and learn something visit:

[link to endtimesand2019.webs.com]

to order the book while there's still a big pre-order discount (it should be in bookstores next week, I'm told) try

[link to www.amazon.com]
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