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Facebook briefly takes over entire Internet with redirection bug

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User ID: 25610447
United States
02/08/2013 06:34 AM
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Facebook briefly takes over entire Internet with redirection bug
A bug with Facebook's ubiquitous embedded widgets redirected millions from the websites they were visiting to Facebook itself Thursday. It's now fixed, but for awhile, some of the largest sites in the world were inaccessible.

Visitors to such sites as CNN, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, the Gawker network (including Gizmodo), and NBC News were instantly transferred to a Facebook error page upon
loading the intended site.

Users not logged into Facebook did not get the error, which led people to conclude, correctly, that the problem was with the Facebook Connect service, which governs "likes," "comments" and other Web-based features of the social network.

Facebook declined to disclose the specifics of the error, but offered the following statement via email to NBC News
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