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Official Blizzard of 2013 thread. Post pics, alerts, strange events, etc. here.

The Third Eye Doctor

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United States
02/08/2013 09:57 AM

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Official Blizzard of 2013 thread. Post pics, alerts, strange events, etc. here.
Hello people on the east coast.

Sending love and prayers your way.

PLEASE get food, propane heaters, emergency supplies and spare batteries. Also keep a device charged that can access emergency service and of course GLP to keep us posted.

We know this will be extreme.

Take ALL precautions possible and keep an eye out for those in need of help.

Post pictures, videos, and updates.

Stay safe!

Those who extended a hand when I most needed:

Nickadeemus, Bluebird, ItSeesThroughEyes, Rev StarGazer, darkwolf007, Rickster58, ar-15 nut, Chrewman, beeches, ceawaves, Shackles, ANHEDONIC, Shoot straight Johnny, Useless Cookie Eater, Hq okc, AR 15-SPECIALIST, Psi Guy, InTheHood, Abi, Paved in Chaos, sacred energy, AnonymousGirl, Nine's, Dice84, Simple27, justanothergranny, WitchHazel, jdb, Bearwalk9, Geo777, natasha77, TheWayWeWere, curry nosher, homelessguy92, Still Meow..., nah, INK3, Deaf Cat, katharinels, Re_Deek_u_Lus, Dug In and ALL THE AC'S!!!

For every negativity, create two positives!

Karma accepted!

~For wolf and moon

Part of a pack one wolf chose to leave
A life like his dreams this wolf chose to weave

On his own in the dark the wolf could not see
Nobody was telling him what to believe

When he questioned what truly made him free
It was always the moonlight guiding thee


The sheep may one day find, there was always a wolf inside.