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The L.A. Manhunt makes absolutely no sense. Here's why

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25795506
United States
02/08/2013 05:31 PM
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The L.A. Manhunt makes absolutely no sense. Here's why
Authorities found the suspect's burned out truck in Big Bear.

WTF would you burn your vehicle if you've already released a manifesto admitting guilt for these murders? What the fuck would he have to burn, DNA evidence? It doesn't make any sense.

We all know that in staged events, authorities always try to plant something to make it look like the suspect is guilty without doubt by their own admissions:

- Lanza's computer files
- Holmes's diary to the school psychiatrist
- Lautner's pictures, etc.

This whole story seems like bullshit.

Keep in mind, he got fired supposedly for telling on a superior officer who kicked a down suspect.

Even if he did lie ... how is that grounds for removal? How could they prove he lied?

My guess is this Dorner guy is already dead, and they're just waiting to stage the fireworks to announce it. He must have some dirt on the LAPD.