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JULLIARD VIOLIN Student Suing Columbia for 30 Days of Psychiatric Hell & Forced Drugging

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02/08/2013 08:04 PM
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JULLIARD VIOLIN Student Suing Columbia for 30 Days of Psychiatric Hell & Forced Drugging
The famous Julliard School of Music and Columbia University now jointly administer musical and academic programs leading to accredited degrees for students who want to become professional concert artists.




In this instance, a prize-winning violin student, who had often performed with his twin brother on the cello, received a failing grade for his teamwork in a final project for his Spanish class. Disappointed, he called his teacher a bitch, but then apologized verbally to the class before walking out. He decided not to take his end of term exam that afternoon, since he knew hie grade was already a fail.

He cooled down during the day and sent an email of apology for the swearing incident to another woman, the Asst. Academic Dean, and met with her personally. She told him that he needed to see a psychiatrist.

That night, just before 1 a.m., the dorm residential supervisor, another woman, unlocked the dorm room where he was sleeping, accompanied by three security guards. When the student objected to this, she called the NYPD, who took him to St. Luke's for involuntary confinement in a mental ward, where he was immediately drugged with Haldol against his will.

This young man has no history of mental problems, made no threats to anyone, and had no drugs in his system.

Excerpt from News Article, at link:
[link to www.columbiaspectator.com]

Another news story at this link:
[link to www.newser.com]

"On Jan. 17, 2013, Oren Ungerleider filed suit in the southern district of New York federal court, claiming that Columbia and Continuum Health Partners—the organization that owns St. Luke’s—falsely arrested and imprisoned him. The complaint also says that Continuum Health and four doctors involuntarily medicated him over the course of his hospitalization,which occurred in December 2010."

Now when he was finally released from St. Luke's Hospital, after 30 days, Columbia refused to take him back into his courses, and so his schooling was interrupted.

He applied to Ohio State to study computer and information science, and he has completely abandoned his violin career.

He claims to have been traumatized during those 30 days and the subsequent upheaval in his life.

The psychotropic drugs he received while hospitalized could have something to do with the changes he has experienced personally and artistically since then.

A few more Excerpts from longer article linked above:

"Prior to and during his time at Columbia, Ungerleider was a well-known classical musician. He played violin with professional orchestras and symphonies, toured internationally, and won various competitions, according to an article in the Wicked Local Sudbury, a paper in Ungerleider's hometown Boston suburb. A 2008 YouTube video shows Ungerleider playing a Debussy piano trio with his twin brother, who also attracted acclaim as a cellist."


"The lawsuit asks for $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages, but (Daniel) Rubenstein, (the student's atorney), said it could take years before the case makes much progress. The defendants have not yet filed responses to Ungerleider’s complaint.

"It's at least the third lawsuit that a former student has brought against the University in the last six months. Two graduate students alleged in a lawsuit filed in January that the university retaliated against them when they accused professors of sexual harassment. And a Ph.D. student filed suit in September claiming he was fired from his position after he complained about being sexually harassed by his supervisor."

2008 Video of Oren & his brother, recorded in Massachusetts, here:

P.S. - Excerpt from a Third Article

"Getting into a top college is difficult, but getting into a top music school is almost impossible. In 2010, The Juilliard School boasted an acceptance rate of 8 percent, while the Curtis Institute of Music accepted only 5 percent of applicants, making it the most competitive school in the country.

The merciless acceptance rates of top music schools are indicative of the competition present in the music world at large: Musicians can practice their entire lives without ever having a chance at playing with a top tier orchestra such as the New York Philharmonic."

[link to eye.columbiaspectator.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 32527598
02/08/2013 08:41 PM
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Re: JULLIARD VIOLIN Student Suing Columbia for 30 Days of Psychiatric Hell & Forced Drugging
Now I wonder if this happened to Soetoro.