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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Wingedlion27
Post Content
I wish to thank Daughter of NYC, for taking the courage to call me. A few people who were fans of the old thread took some money and hired a private investigator to find me, and find me they did. So, FHL who had spear headed this effort, then distribuated my personal information to those he felt were sincere fans of the thread. So my hat goes out to both these great people and others who also have watched my posts.

The main reason why they did this was to let me know that through all my sufferings, they had stuck by me and were praying for me continuously. Most of them have never encountered the things that I have, but they identified with someone who had to overcome their present situations.

This world is so corrupt, and evil, I have had to deal with so many Judas' that it is very difficult for me to trust anyone. This is extensive emotional damage that I do not seem to be getting over soon. When all your friends and all you family forsake you, and you become a mockingstock to those who were once your most praiseworthy fans, it hurts, it just hurts each and every time you discover that your emotions have been toyed with again.

I mentioned to her some who had acted as friends, but had done the most damage to me. One in particular was a man from Toronto area; he befriended me, then came to my home and then lavished us with gifts. This is where I developed the teaching that infiltrators love to give gifts....but their gifts have demonic strings attached. This man bought two computers, a host of other hard goods, filled our refrigerator with lots of expensive foods, bought study supply items like highlighters, and special markers for doing bible study. I'm telling you, this guys checkbook never ran out of funds to lavish us with gifts, gifts, gifts. But this guy actually did the most damage to us. He had attached all these things to my heart, and it was connected to my congestive heart failure. The more gifts I would accept from him, the sicker I became.

When it came down to identifying him as an infiltrator, the "house cleaning" that took place after that told the story of how much He had lavished on us. Nearly a truck load full of stuff. Some of it insignificant, others, very expensive. But overall, I had to relinquish all love for these things, and give them up for destruction before I became free of his sorccery. A hard lesson indeed.
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