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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Wingedlion27
Post Content
Yesterday and today I have been in the spirit. When I get in this state, I get real "weepy". I cry about everything, people, lost potential, wildlife, environment, culture loss, just everything. But it is in this state I get taken places, outside of time, just as the Old Prophets did. I am seeing things far into the future, and I love what I am seeing.

The latter rain outpouring is something we have no reference to whatsoever. It is going to be the most glorious move of the hOLY spirit the world has ever seen. You will see people burn with the blue holy flame of God. Those missionaries will be well received of many Nations. "This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached into all the world...and then the end will come."

We got a big bump to get over first, that being the Fall of Mystery Babylon the Great (NWO). Then we take seven months to bury the dead, then the healing will begin. God bless us all and prepare our hearts for the amazing light show we all are about to be specticle to.
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