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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


First of all, you are not even a true believer. So that pretty much disqualifies you from receiving anything from the Lord. Only an accuser would work so hard to try to discredit something the Lord is using. I'm sure your Satanic programming has a way to turn this back around on me, just as you have been doing. I know your controllers are worried. They should be, I'll give you a sign you won't soon forget, how about seven months burrying the dead? How's that for a sign? but maybe God might just take you with the rest of the trash. Something to think about, maybe you can convince yourself that I am a fake and that you have nothing to worry about.I like keeping my enemies stupid. And you obviously have no fear of God, so let the games begin!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35063876

That still doesn't answer the question OP.

You clearly stated, your a part of the 'hive mind of the Elohim'. Meaning you would know what God already knows.

But, then you contradict yourself, by stating you would need to ask God, to know my name.
 Quoting: Wingedlion27

No actually I have answered your question, I have inquired about you, you really don't have any concerns other than what you are instructed by your controllers to put on this thread. So I'm coming after them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35063876

Now you contradict yourself even more so.

You stated, we should be discerning.

So let me ask again,

why are you contradicting yourself.

You stated your a part of the 'hive mind of the Elohim'.

Meaning you would know, what God already knows.

But then, you stated, you would need to ask God my name.

But, this proves your not a part of the hive mind of the Elohim, since you need to ask.

Are you going to make more threats, and ignore this point, that proves what you stated is false?
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