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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Raymantheheretic
Post Content
As stated, false prophets, ignore the valid points that they can't address, and change the subject, and make threats.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21920051
That would be fine if there had been some unaddressed valid points but so far there have been none.

e.g. the statement that being a part of the 'hive mind of the Elohim' would mean already knowing all that God knows is in of its self ludicrous and a form of pretzel logic no true believer would even begin wanting to wrap their mind around to try and make sense of how anyone would even think that way. Just as asking to perform parlor tricks is no sort of genuine way to discern or test a spirit. That these sorts things aren't understood by the questioner speaks volumes about their spiritual mindset.

Either a) they are so purely self righteous and ignorant they are all too eager to bring down anyone that might consider them self closer to God then them are or b) they are an outright dis-info agent out to spread confusion.

Make no mistake I've feel no call or need to cover Wl's back in stating any of this. Truth be told I hope Wl's story is all a result of an overactive imagination. Unfortunately for my wannabe rose colored outlook I have detected nothing so far to lead me to believe I've been listening to the rantings of an outright liar. What is fortunate is none of it has bearing on how I will lead my life i.e. I will continue to behave as if God's will for our end can commence at any given moment.

I do object to though amateurish attempts at trying to make others look bad. In a nutshell, you guys should either get real or get gone. Or not. Just so you know your attempts appear rather ridiculous at this point.
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