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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle ParadigmShift
Post Content
In YAHshua/Jesus name i loose the wrath and fear of YHVH/God on the satanists/lucifereans/occultists individuals and groups here, those operating consciously/unconsciously and dreamstaters, i pray the blood of the lamb on them and ask for their salvation and deliverance, and in particular where i am now or wherever i may be amen.
 Quoting: FHL(C) nli 35068344

A final chance for salvation and deliverence was offered and a final warning,this was in 1998 the easy way was rejected now it will be the hard way I hope your prayer is answered but theres not many out there any more with a soul to sell.
 Quoting: khnum 31894440

Elaborate on 98' please. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I have enjoyed this thread tremendously
 Quoting: ParadigmShift

God has sent Prophets to the halls of power to tell them of his displeasure their reward has been death,disability,harrassment even to put into coma's and having demented picture shows beamed in they have been persecuted and destroyed by technologies and means beyond your wildest imagination 1998 was a cumulative year with many warnings,the wicked look for a sign,the sign of Jonah is all they will get now.
 Quoting: khnum 31894440

Thank you, please forgive my lack of understanding. I was the guy that went to church just to please you know. My love story with God and His Son just began a few months ago. I appreciate your time in answering my questions.

Your posts as well as Jericho's has been very enlightening, not taking anything way from OP, his posts have been remarkable.
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