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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well then my friend that may explain an aweful lot. Just sayin. What is it exactly that makes them children of satan if they are actually covered in the blood of Jesus the Christ and redeemed by Him and Him alone?? Let me hlp you out with this one, theyre not children of satan but Jesus Christ, the King of Kings amd Lord of Lords. Perbaps some are posers, but im pretty sure daughter in ny is not a child of satan, k.
 Quoting: Jesuslver 21815108

If they are not victorious over sin, and living a holy life, then there is ing from their sin. The blood is of no effect to a non repentant sinner. Christians only have the false assurance of salvation. If they are not living a holy life, then all they have is an empty promise, for salvation is only for the humble and the repentant. Not for the proud and stiffnecked.

It's hard to argue with pure logic and pure bible truth isn't it?

Do you claim to know which hearts are repentant and which are not??? And our salvation is found in Jesus and yes when we repent we can find forgiveness if truly repentant. Jesus died on the cross for a reason. He didnt say oh wait youre not gonna need me to do this, you got this.no, He said "theyrgonna need me to do this because. they are not without sin, but I AM."
Therefore He went There was a reason He had to go for us . He knew we were weak and would sin, is this an excuse for freely sinning, no . But is it called grace for a repentant sinner, yes.the point is we need to try our hardest, but if we stumble, if we fall, Jesus will catch us and lift us up and strengthen us. As He can you, no mat ter how far you fall. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

 Quoting: Wingedlion27

 Quoting: Jesuslover 21815108

You claim to love Jesus yet you do not do the things which He commands, yo "Let each man esteem others better than yourself..." "Love your neighbor, in the same manner as you love yourself." I bet you believe your opinion is bigger than that of the Bible don't you?

Hey, again w the plank, friend. Again w the plank.Need I remind toy of your previous conversation w daughter....um ..now apply what you just stated and the quote you quoted from my precious Lord Himself. You quote my Lord but you yourself are not applying these same scriptures to your self are you? I do however. Greatly appreciartte the respectful, decent manner in which you are discussing th is w me.

 Quoting: Wingedlion27
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