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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any more stupidity or faithless blasphemy before I go and listen to music?

 Quoting: Wingedlion27

Gee, you speak with such humility WL. Brother, remember
when the Great Warning *Rev 6:15-17* takes place, there is one divine plan, God wants us all to believe the same.

The most Holy Eucharist is true, read Our Lord's words in
prophecy here, God has one plan.

Anonymous Visionary - Locutions to the World (1)

Feb 23, 2012: - The Resignation As A Sign

Jesus said, "The highest chair in the world will soon be vacant. It is not a position created by man or sustained by natural powers. This office has endured for centuries and will be present even when I return in glory. It is sustained by my promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against my Church. The papacy, like other institutions, has seen high points and low moments. Yet, this boat of Peter has navigated the tides and has never been shipwrecked. Now, this chair of Peter has been brought to this special moment by a pope who obeyed my inner word that he should hand over the keys of the kingdom to another.

What a solemn and unique moment in modern history. A living pope surrenders his powers so another pope can gain them. A living pope removes himself from the chair of Peter so another could take his place. Only I could have brought this about as my Holy Spirit stirred so forcibly in the heart of Benedict. He would have served as long as I wanted him to.

Understand the greatness of this act. Even more, understand the uniqueness of what I have done. See it as a sign that I have only begun to act. Would I bring about this highly unusual resignation and then allow the conclave to proceed in its usual manner. Why have I done this? What am I doing? All the cardinals must see this. They must not approach the conclave as they previously thought. Let them be ready for my special stirrings in their hearts and for my special actions within the conclave itself.---"

Feb 16, 2012 - The War Has Begun

Future Events

Jesus said, "I take the time to explain each part in great detail so the whole picture will be clear. The resignation of Pope Benedict is the beginning of the great war. It is now the hour of conflict when the armies of Satan rise up to destroy the Church. However, this resignation was a surprise, the Woman Clothed With the Sun (Rev 12:1) took the initiative. Seeing all that is to come, she began the war. This surprise move has shifted everything. Now, Satan must adjust to the reality of the new pope [i.e. Pope Francis I] who sees so clearly that this is the Age of Mary. The new pope will usher in this Age of Mary. He will take all the steps. He will not be deterred by any obstacle. He places no trust in his own powers and knows that the world can only be saved through the intervention of my Mother. He sees clearly what must be done and will not waste any time, in taking all the steps."

[link to www.locutions.org]
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