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Message Subject The return of the Wingedlion
Poster Handle Wingedlion27
Post Content
Raymond, I think with you I'm going to tie a chain around your legs so I can fish you out of the lake of fire time and time again to go through the delight of casting you screaming and fighting again so I can relive it again and again, just about the time when you begin to have hope I might save you, then I cast you back in like I am fishing. This is the way an avenging angel fishes.
 Quoting: Wingedlion27

My message finally sunk eh?

There's plenty of evidence to indicate you maintain no control of your own bowels let alone any say on who gets cast into the lake of fire. Sorry but it needed to be said.
 Quoting: Raymantheheretic

Well whoopty freakin dooo, I guess you really told me didn't you. I hope this security of your destruction is of little consequence to you, as I know it is, for I would rather have you ignorant, and have a really bad surprise at the end for you, than to deceive you in any way, so ...ignorance is bliss as they say.
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