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Sam C. King
User ID: 5752185
United States
02/08/2013 09:42 PM
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February 29, 2004

Massachusetts, you once were for the Lord, but now you have turned against him. You once lead this nation in righteousness and now you lead it in total rebellion against your Creator. You have gone the way of Balaam, having turned from following your God to following evil spirits. Be quick and reverse your law to uphold homosexual marriages and the Lord will not punish you in his anger; but if you allow it to continue, it will spark rebellion in all of America.

The Lord will hold you responsible when it does happen; and the hands that formed these laws will also be the hands that destroy your land; for He will allow evil spirits to corrupt your government even further. Your leaders will abuse their positions in power to the point of bringing you down in economic turmoil. He will cause the weather to turn against you more and more, and the very spirits you glorify will become unleashed on your people. Your people will turn against each other—murder, rape and every sort of evil will increase and you will know that you have awakened the wrath of God.

Do not think that He hasn't seen your witch’s brew stirring for a long time, for nothing is hidden from Him. Even some of your colleges that were founded on His name have become places of whores and sodomites. Do not think that He has not seen these abominations and the persecution of His people there. Take heed and repent, then He will heal your land and restore you to your greatness that you once had at the beginning.


[link to www.prophecylink.net]

User ID: 2327773
United States
02/08/2013 09:56 PM
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Perhaps I was wrong about the drinking of christ blood / eating his flesh after looking into it a bit. Although I'm still not certain.

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