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Subject To the Freemasons
Poster Handle IAMIAM
Post Content
When I was a Mason several years ago, I was an zealous defender of the Craft. My exploits online are well known, and through them I met Masons all over the world.

My biggest adversary were clandestine or rogue Masons.

These are those who set up lodges outside the Grand Lodge system.

Mostly these were done for nefarious purposes such as scamming the unknowing public. Masons raised under these lodges get nothing for their troubles because those lodges will never be recognized for the breach of protocol.

Anyway, a good running joke I made once upon a time, was that if I were to ever be suspended or expelled, rather than set up a clandestine lodge I would do my own thing.

I called this the "Lodge of the Under Water Basket Weavers".

Well my Brothers, did you think I was kidding?

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