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Message Subject To the Freemasons
Poster Handle moxnix
Post Content
this is the most bullshitty full on of shit originating post and thread in the entirety of this site...it has to be.

good grief. get the fuck over your finite egotistic selves.
 Quoting: moxnix 29391465

It was good enough to get you to spend a few moments of your short lived life out of the eons of eternity with me.

I'd say that was pretty good.

Considering you took extra seconds to reply.
 Quoting: IAMIAM

i'm a wicked fast typer...and an ever speedier reader....and you saying short lived does not make it so, i am what i am ... an eternity would be more like it. but, only one man would get what this woman says anyway...

carry on...with the whatevers....
 Quoting: moxnix 29391465


Your funny!

See you in eternity
 Quoting: IAMIAM

if you are of the chosen, perhaps.......
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