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Message Subject To the Freemasons
Poster Handle Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison
Post Content
We ALL are programmed, including you.
It is the battle for the minds of men.
As you break free of your programming, you begin to make your own observations. And you get to chose what conclusions you make.
The "original scriptures" of all major "religions" teach this.
And each and every group left this teaching and substituted the "truth" as being their own individual doctrine(s).

It will be interesting to see if the Under Water Basket Weavers can reject the programming and find actual truth.
 Quoting: Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison

You cannot speak for me.

You do know where I come from or where I go.

Let me introduce myself at my well.

Have a drink, then tell me who is programed and who is not.
 Quoting: IAMIAM

You speak English.
That is a programming. All language is programming; a manner of forming sounds that describe an observation. You have been programmed what "blue" is the "color of the sky".

You can drink from your well. That is your choice.
I prefer standing on the Edge of Forever, listening to the One and dumping my programming, including language.

You, and everyone else is invited to come, listen, see and observe.
My avatar is John Hutchison and myself, filmed in infrared. On the Edge of Forever, participating with the One, the frequencies, the harmonics.

Do you understand WATER? Scientists are unable to understand water. They can look at it and define certain properties. However water is too complex for their programmed minds. The SUN shoots for plasmic water to EARTH. A very "male/female" reproductive event.

A well is a place that has been dug so that water can be found.
I have found water.
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