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Message Subject To the Freemasons
Poster Handle TruthMinion
Post Content
Young Souls - Michael Teachings

...Among white collar Young souls, it is important to get the proper credentials for whatever it is one plans to do with his life. Other Young souls, who are in positions to promote the up-and-coming, look to this official seal of recognition. The Young soul will get the formal education to the limit of his intellectual capacity. He will be very concerned with making good grades. This might in fact be more important than what is actually being learned. He will belong to the fraternity in college, because there he will meet some of his future business contacts. After graduation, when a career is underway, he will become a member of the professional society of his occupation. There he will make more business contacts. Even more links will be formed with membership in such organizations as the Elks or Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of this or that, Masonry, Shriners, and so on — clubs of all sorts. These are all Young soul type organizations formed for the purpose of pursuing money, power, and other material goals. After all, it's who you know if you want to get ahead in this world. They tend to live in the same neighborhoods also. The "yuppie" phenomenon is a manifestation of the Young soul Age. They attend financial seminars, Dale Carnegie courses, super-salesman conventions, and the like. They invest in the stock market. They seek to be "professionals", and their career is their life.

The Young soul displays his diplomas, membership certificates, and other credentials on the wall at his office. Trophies of any sort are also shown. They own status pets, pursue gourmet foods and drinks, own fancy or racy automobiles, and buy mansions to be filled with exotic furniture. They prefer to participate in status sports like golf and tennis at the Country Club. These are all emblems of success in life. A couple of Young soul advertising slogans are: "Diamonds are forever", and, "Clothes make the man". Young souls are the most competitive by nature of the soul Ages. They seek to climb to the top of whatever organization they find themselves in. They participate most willingly in the so-called "rat race" to make a buck.

More at: [link to www.michaelteachings.com]
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