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Message Subject To the Freemasons
Poster Handle IAMIAM
Post Content
Freemasonry bars women for different reasons than does those organizations.

The bar to women has always been because the Landmarks upon which it is built state that to be a candidate one must be a Man, free born, and well recommended.

Now seeing as how the Bible is the Great Light in Masonry, it should be obvious to any reader of the Genesis account that God created Man, male and female created he them.

Therefore women have just as much right to enter.

And, there are Lodges which would agree and do allow women.

It is up to the "Mainstream" to get up to times if they wish to be counted as an existing body in the near future.
 Quoting: IAMIAM

NO ONE disputes that, but the original comment was about women not being able to join.
I merely pointed out the "some" of the reasons.

Seems you have a problem with "mainstream".......eh?

I'm quite happy with "mainstream" as it is at present......and I am well aware that women have their own Lodges and should they wish to "bar" men.....then .that is their right, but a Fraternity is entitled to stay as it is, also.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34283596

I don't care for any of it myself.

Been there, done that.

I was just giving advice should the fraternity wish to see another century.
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