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a message given the Chosen Child in Chicago...with a time frame...and...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20541213
United States
02/10/2013 01:59 AM
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a message given the Chosen Child in Chicago...with a time frame...and...
It will take a miracle for a new President. The reason these messages maybe true, MO, there was no choice last November. God knows this, He can act. Both Presidential candidates, one worse than the other believe in and vote for things not of God.

The..."and"...is the second underlined. The messages from
Heaven keep saying put food aside, necessities. Remember,
God's way...He will multiply provisions. Trust Him, have
faith, do as He asks, buy extra food for your family.

p.s. It isn't an exact time....don't get upset.

+ + +

Messages from Jesus Given to the Chosen Child in Chicago

February 6, 2013 (8:51am)
Tell My beloved children not to doubt any of these words. You were told that the man chosen for these times would come forth in a week and this is true. Now that he and his family are convinced of these words and realize it is their dad spoken of there is great joy and peace in his family. My dear ones, once this is revealed the opposition will be stunned and at first not take it seriously. When they realize they could and possibly will lose their power it is then that all the turmoil will begin. I know this all sounds like a fiction story but unfortunately it is not. You must take these messages to heart and start praying and fasting more. Now with Lent coming you will have a great opportunity to do something positive for your country. There will be so much freedom that you almost had taken away from you. There will be more confidence in any messages that continue to be given for your knowledge and protection. As I told you, My dear ones, these people will not give up easily. They will cause much bloodshed to try and cause terror in all of you. No matter how hard they try, they will be defeated. Remember this when all the tactics start. My dear ones, I remind you again to get extra food for your families. Soon the shelves will be empty and it will become very difficult to buy food. I'm not trying to frighten you but you must be prepared for anything that might happen. As I told you you can count the days when your new president will be revealed. Don't expect him to take office right away. That will happen but not now. Continue to trust in the Lord and these messages which are a great gift for all of you.
I love you, Jesus. hf

User ID: 469597
Costa Rica
02/10/2013 02:08 AM
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Re: a message given the Chosen Child in Chicago...with a time frame...and...

Now the clock is ticking down. The families know this well - yet no man knows the exact day. The window has been opened - the hull is breached!

Heed the warning of OP - tomorrow - go shopping!

- IndygoGh0st