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Message Subject JUST-IN INTEL: Obama's Trip to Israel is to Warn Netanyahu NOT to Attack Iran
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
Bibi attack Iran? Why would Bibi do such a thing? Sure, he served as a commando in his youth (under command of another former PM Ehud Barak) --- and of course Bibi's older brother Yoni is a legendary leader of the Entebbe Raid hostage rescue mission...

But that doesn't mean Bibi was to attack Iran, the guy is a dove who in his 2 terms in office hasn't started any (major) wars --- if anything, it's usually the Israeli Left/Socialists that get involved in the monkey business -- from Independence to Suez Canal to 6-Day to War of Attrition to Yom Kippur War to 2nd Lebanon & Castlead.

Nah, Bibi is a mellow dude, with excellent orator skills, pro-Capitalist & Free Market philosophy that helped transform Israel from broke, natural resource-free, Arab armies-besieged, quasi-Socialist 3rd world desert hole... to a thriving Sillicon Valley/Start-Up Nation with its own oil & gas reserves, resilent enough to survive the Great Recession virtually unscathed....

As for Iran, well it IS rather prone to eathquakes, Stuxnets & spontaneous combustions of all sorts, including

-Isfahan (twice)
-missile bases, North Korea-manned special metal alloy factories and so on.

Chances are, Natanz and a few other spots are next on Nature's hit-list. Just all in all unfortunate country to have a nuke program in, know me sayin :)
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