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Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/11/2013 07:40 AM
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Instead of all these posts, maybe we can combine prophecies here

I just googled.... Pope....flees Rome....prophecy

And came up with tons

Fatima prophecy
St John Boscov's prophecy
Some, though I follow this, even I've never heard of u til now
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 33934896
United States
02/11/2013 11:32 AM
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Message to MDM 6/1/2011
My beloved vicars days are numbered. He will have left the Vatican before the Warning takes place.
(notice he says left, not died)

TLDM 9/14/1976
...you speculate much about the coming warning.do not speculate on dates...one indication that the time is ripe when you see, when you hear....the Holy Father fleeing, seeking refuge in another land know that the time is ripe....the man of dark secrets to capture his throne.

st Hildegard:
Peter II, this cardinal will proclaim himself pope and 2/3 of Christians will go with him. He as well as the Antichrist are descendants of the tribe of Dan.

fr Kramer interview on EWTN...if Benedict is resigning at the time of this war....he will want to consecrate Russia.....he will not be able to...in time because calamities strike too quickly, there won't be enough time before the warning......he will have to go into hiding....BENEDICT WILL BE THE VERY POPE WHO FLEES ROME AS ST PIUS X FORESAW......(sorry I forgot to note the date but it was probably about 5 years ago)

St Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) the church.....is in great danger...we must pray that the pope may not leave Rome for unheard of evils would result from such a step....2 men of whom I speak left GERMANY at the same time. They have their employees everywhere.

The little black man in Rome ( Peter II) ....has many working for him without clearly knowing for what end....IF THE POPE LEAVES ROME the enemies of the church will get the upper hand