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Matthias Stormbergers Amazing Predictions. Only WW3 left. Speak on it!

Real Talk of NY
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02/11/2013 09:03 AM
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Matthias Stormbergers Amazing Predictions. Only WW3 left. Speak on it!
What yall think about the Prophecies of Matthias Stormberger? In the 1830's the man predicted WW1, immediately after the great depression, and 20 years after WW2 with great accuracy and detail. He also says WW3 is to come generations later and will be the end of most nations. Only those under the Iron and cement will survive (bunkers), and more people will die in one day than died in the previous wars.

- The day of the outbreak of the First World War:

"When the limits of the road to iron will be completed, will begin a war which will last two two years... It will be delivered with fortresses of metal. » The 1 August 1914 has been officially inaugurated the new railway line between Kalteneck and Deggendorf, where Stormberger lived.This date also marked the beginning of hostilities: Germany declares war to Russia.

- The Great Depression and rationing :

"immediately after this terrible war will come a time where the money will have no value. 200 Guilders will not enough to buy a loaf of bread; there will the famine and men will the quest for survive. The gold will become so valuable that with some parts of gold, it will be possible to buy a small farm. »

- The second world war:

"Two or three decades after the war, there will be a war still greater. Almost all nations of the world will be involved.Of millions of men will die, but many shall not be soldiers. The fire will fall of the sky and many major cities will be destroyed." Fire of the sky and the destruction of the city make clear reference to aerial bombing which have characterized the conflict.

- The end of the Catholic Church:

"The Catholic faith will disappear, because his sheep will not be respected by the shepherds, the mode of catholic life will succumb to its decline. The Popes will be murdered. The commandments of God will no longer. Justice will not be estimated, the poor will be operated and less respected as the dogs.» NOT are we seeing not today at the end of the reign absolute control of the Roman Catholic Church, the benefit of other religions? "The shepherds who do not respect the ewes » could raise the affairs of paedophilia. It also provides the attempts to murder against the Popes. It would have seen including that of Jean-Paul II.

- The global warming and disasters:

"The nations of the planet will have to face of disasters, the eyes wide open. Those who know and say the great catastrophe will be reduced to silence. After, everything will be different, and the Earth will be a huge cemetery. » We have already experienced in recent years the worst natural disasters ever recorded in the history of humanity.Hundreds of thousands of people die in earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, or of forest fires.

- The Third World War:

"You, my children, do not know the greatest misfortune, not even you, my grandchildren, but the third strain, will experience. After the end of the Second World War, a third fire universal comes, to complete a cycle. In a day, more men will die in the previous wars. The fighting will be carried out with weapons infernal. » The Third war will therefore be an explosion universal.The fire will be able mean here ``fire» or «Hell». From what we know about the weapons contemporary, it could respond to a description of a nuclear conflict.

- The end of time:

At the end of his life, Stormberger seems to have seen a catastrophic event that is located beyond its capacity to explain or even to describe. It notes that "the heaven and earth, will burn and that people will fall sick, because this will be the end of the world. Of all the scares, this will be the last. When people will fall as flies the end of time will begin. This will be horrible. However, some who manage to hiding under the iron, and the stone are spared.