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The Deal with the Pope

User ID: 26707174
02/11/2013 12:34 PM
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The Deal with the Pope
I get it.

You're a kid, and you don't really think things through properly, and then you're like 'hey why don't I study theology' because you're kind of a dork and the ladies don't like you and you're kind of confused about your funny stuff so you graduate and you become a priest and you're like 'ok, I kind of realize this is BS but it's nice and it helps people so I'll go along with it' and then boom it's 50 years later and you're a cardinal and then Pope John Paul dies and you look around the room and to your dread suddenly realize that you're the only one who doesn't have his finger on his nose, and shazam, you're the Pope and everyone's saying you look like Emperor Palpatine and then all the kiddy diddling stuff comes out in the news and you realize you accidentally signed up to take the bullet for two thousand years of institutionalized buggery, and then you suddenly realize 'Holy Christ I've probably only got like 5 years left to live' and you're like FUCK THIS SHIT peace out.

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