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The Fifth Reich and How The New World Order Collapsed

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02/11/2013 01:04 PM
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The Fifth Reich and How The New World Order Collapsed
The Fifth Reich and How The New World Order Collapsed
by Stuart Wilde

If you tell people this world is controlled by a hidden elite they will probably say, "Yeah, sure." But they won't really believe you. They don't want to. Nobody likes to hear they are being betrayed. It's more comfortable to pretend things are reasonable, fair and democratic. Any suggestion of a conspiracy must be the ravings of madmen. Yet, every major politician in the western world and all the media owners and prominent financial and industrial figures are members of two organizations, the Bildebergers and the Trilateral Commission.

It has been well documented by authors like David dIcke (Children of the Matrix–¯see below), that elections in our western democracies are a prearranged sham, contested between members of these two same societies. But the societies are just fronts; behind them are the people who really control the world. Our politicians are puppets in the hands of a few dozen families. They have been bought off with money and the promise of power and the threat of collapse if they don't toe the line. Who is behind the Bildebergers and the Trilateral Commission? Who is running the show?

Prominent Jewish families have been identified as the moneybags behind our leaders and there is no argument that the media is in their grip. But the fact that the Jewish families have the Federal Reserve and so America by the balls is only part of the story. Anyone with a bit of cash has America by the balls because legislation in America is a commodity you can buy. The rich get richer; the poor can’t pay, so they get poorer. It’s a feeding frenzy of self-interest: Gulf oil sheiks, industrialists, arms manufacturers, energy companies, pharmaceutical companies, farmers and special interest groups–¯it’s all up for sale.

The American government is a puppet of those in the industrial-military complex that can legally buy political favors and allegiances with massive bribes and donations, which are often paid with money provided by the taxpayers in the first place. In the last two decades, Israel has received ninety-three billion dollars from the American government. Only a small percentage of such vast sums have to filter back to the corruption in Washington to ensure Israel gets another ninety-three billion. What goes around comes around, under the table, of course.

Donating a part of the handout back to the politicians who vote for it is a part of the cost of doing business. It's a vicious circle–¯one that invests in violence and the apartheid Israeli State. Anyone not playing the game will soon have the press on their backs, claiming they are anti-business or anti-Israel. If like me, you can't even visualize what ninety-three billion dollars amounts to, it's two million low-cost housing units, which could be given away free to America's poor and homeless. You get my drift?

The New World Order (NWO) is anything but new or orderly. It's not new in so much as monopolies and cabals in conjunction with fascism, corruption and tyranny, are as old as civilization itself. And it's definitely not orderly, as it is a fact of public record that it is one of the most violent regimes ever. An estimated twenty million people have been killed since the Second World War by America, and those that are part of their New World Order. Order may possibly refer to the way graves are laid out in little straight lines. But it doesn't refer to what we imagine as order: safe, friendly, societies of people, loving and caring for each other as best they can.

The real threat to decency is the secret elite in alliance with the realms of the demonic. The cabal that runs America had to cross the Atlantic to shake hands with their European counterparts if the take over of the world was going to work. In Europe, the Satanic influence is well established and a matter of record. Many well-known aristocrats and people of high-birth are deeply implicated in the blood rituals of the Satanic church. Then again, the politicians who are masterminding the current takeover of Europe are also members of both the same inner world alliance and the two secret societies mentioned before. All are in the same dark clan–¯The Brotherhood of the Snake.

These are the men and a few women, who dominate the world, and just as occult practices and dark powers sustained Hitler, these people are in a similar alliance. The Brotherhood of the Snake is the reincarnation of the Nazis. We are now in a replica of 1933. The New World Order is a military dictatorship. The phony 'so called' terrorist attack of 911 is the same ploy used by Hitler when the Reichstag was burnt down on his orders in early 1933, which he then blamed on terrorist/subversives. It gave him the excuse he needed for suspending people's legal rights, imposing Martial Law, and cracking down.

Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, has just enforced Martial Law on Britain without a squeak of protest from political representatives, and without it being properly reported in the media. Very clever, m' son. President George. W. Bush's version of Martial Law has a cutesy title that appeals to America's apple-pie psyche, 'The Office of Homeland Security.' It's the new SS, and its boss is a known Nazi sympathizer called Tom Ridge, who is quoted as being very fond of Nazi Germany's organization and rationalization abilities.

But the real control of the world is hidden away. Below I'll talk to you about the Fourth Reich, which is the American Empire, and the secret Fifth Reich, which is utterly deadly. It's plotting the takeover of the world and the extermination of millions. But first, let me explain the part that we don't normally see.

In the past, I have talked about the alliance of the demonic transdimensional forces (TDs) in the etheric and humans on the ground. This is not a formal alliance in the sense of a written document; it's an inner alliance. The TDs can come through a person's mind. So a powerful individual engaged in establishing control over others, particularly if he or she is into the black arts or Satanic rituals, would be an ally of the TDs. They would begin to work with that individual, granting him or her a special strength. They feed ideas and link him or her to others of like mind. People of a power-hungry demonic bent rise to the top, regardless of talent, and others who don't hold those same sentiments are removed or held back. Some of the most prominent people in the world–¯household names–¯are Satanists who hate humanity, who want this place as their special kingdom. They are not happy to just be rich and beyond the law. They want a supreme, god-like power over others. They want the power that the demonic offers. They want the world to suffer. They want a world that is forced to worship them and their ideals.

But none of this takeover by the New World Order would succeed so easily if the transdimensionals weren't driving the bus. They are the underground leaders of the real terror network of our world. Powerful humans come and go, but the presence of TDs is even more powerful. They are the true power of evil in this world, and they drive the elite toward total world domination and the violence and nastiness that comes with such a concentration of power.

It's the TDs feeding the nastiness inherent in the corporate and political elite that endorses and manufactures the conflicts and violence we see around the world. The TDs are the real Nazis; they push for absolute control, which they establish through suggestion and the domination of the human subconscious. Because they can talk to a man's subconscious mind, almost nobody knows they are there. Each believes his thoughts are entirely his own. But in the realm of the subconscious, the TDs are the silent Voice of the World.

From there they generate fear, mayhem, lies and confusion. The more upset and mixed up people are, the less likely they are to think clearly, let alone fight to reclaim their souls. What is brutal is the extent of the TDs penetration and the cruelty and nastiness of their ideals. That is about to change for reasons I explain below. But in the meantime, the TDs have almost all of humanity in their grip. They can get inside your mind, and using the darkness in your shadow, they can turn you from a reasonable person into a redneck goon baying for blood.

All my life, I have known that there was something wrong. The system didn't seem fair. Ideals of freedom, sharing, and human kindness were always ignored; instead we got more and more control. One Prime Minister or President after the next sold people down the river, and the media always backed those leaders to the hilt. Exploitation, manipulation, and state-sponsored violence was made holy and good. While the voice of the opposition, those who hold benevolent, spiritual and fair ideals for the world, were marginalized. The take over of the world could not be envisioned without the media's control of news. And if the Brotherhood of the Snake runs the world, it's the Hiss of the Snake (the media) that allows it to happen, seemingly without protest.

When the Pentagon released the most recent Bin Laden video, every TV station in Europe and America, and many others ‘round the world aired the footage. In it, Bin Laden is heard to say how pleased he is at the bombing of New York, and how blessed terror is. Bush and Blair were soon on the news, strutting their pomposities saying that the Pentagon's video was absolute proof of Bin Laden's guilt, and papers in England ran headlines like, "Disgusting–¯You bastard".

Remember, every TV station and newspaper in the Western world ran the story as true. In addition, every major politician on both sides of the Atlantic colluded to endorse the Pentagon's footage saying how incriminating the video was, and how it proved conclusively that Bin Laden was behind 911.

Here are two photos in case you have not seen them before. One is of the unknown actor in the Pentagon's video, which they pretend is Bin Laden, and next to the actor's photo is the photo of the real Bin Laden. They are quite obviously two different people.

All of the major politicians of Europe would have seen the footage in advance of its release and agreed to the scam. The Bush administration could not have risked that someone like Tony Blair might denounce the film as fake. The media also had to be in on the scam–¯CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the BBC and ITV, and the Times of London and a hundred other newspapers. Why did hundreds of TV stations and newspapers worldwide concur to air what is in fact a crude lie? When viewed closely the two men don't vaguely resemble each other, except they both have beards. But even their beards are slightly different if you examine the pictures closely.

Who is pushing this Bin Laden caper? If America's evidence against Bin Laden is so conclusive, why have they never made it public and what is the need for fake evidence and phony videos? What's the agenda here? Control and generating fear. To which the response is the military in the streets, Martial Law in Britain, the abolition of basic legal rights, more surveillance, the seizure of assets and of course, an American presence in Afghanistan where they want to build an oil pipeline.

Who bombed the Twin Towers? Perhaps the people who benefited from it ordered the hit. Who benefits from 911? The New World Order benefits, those like Tony Blair and Bush benefit, their popularity polls have skyrocketed. Tom Ridge benefits, he gets a nice pair of jackboots and a new job. The industrial-military complex benefits by increased spending. A few days after 911, Bush announced the go-ahead for the Star Wars program, and a new defense budget was later proposed at forty-eight billion dollars for 2003. Then, chemical companies supplying toxins and medicines benefit–¯so the Swiss benefit. The Israeli's benefit as it makes the conflict in Palestine more cut and dried in peoples' minds. The insane violence of the Israelis can now be promoted as justified and holy and good, and the violence of the Palestinians fighting the occupation can no longer been seen as the sacrifice of heroes, just terrorists acts.

The Brotherhood of the Snake benefits, as it now has the world even further under its control. The TDs benefit, as nastiness and violence, fear and a degradation of the human spirit comes to be seen as normal. The covert federalists in Europe benefit, as they can continue to sell the idea that we are not safe unless we give up responsibility for defending ourselves and disarm in favor of a common European army–¯another of Tony Blair's favorite agendas. Racists worldwide benefit from 911, as now it's okay to label ethnic people as dangerous, regardless of any evidence. So John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, can leave 400 refugees rotting in the hot sun out at sea, off the coast of Darwin, and win a landslide election victory on the strength of that inhumane act.

Who doesn't benefit from 911? Obviously, the victims and their families didn't benefit. Nor the people who lost their life's savings in the subsequent stock market crash. Or those who lost their jobs as a result of cuts in airline traffic. The Afghani people didn't benefit either, as so many died, and Bin Laden doesn't benefit as he's been fingered and made a criminal in the Western media on the basis of the Pentagon's lies and concoctions. The Taliban definitely didn't benefit, as they were in the way of the American pipeline that's about to be built across Afghanistan, so out they go. In fact, anyone in the way of the Brotherhood of the Snake and its agenda isn't likely to have benefited from 911.

Who else is on the losing side of 911? Ethnic minorities obviously are; they can now be locked up without trial or evidence, and of course, as well as the Palestinians, the whole Muslim world lost out on 911, as it's now marginalized and made into a potential threat.

What's behind 911? Unfairness for a start, and lots of misinformation from the Hiss of the Snake. Where any Afghanis involved in the attack on America? Not even one. Was Britain targeted? No. Mohamed Atta, who the authorities labeled the Al Qaeda ringleader, who supposedly perished in the attack, called his father in Cairo the next day–¯9.12! Was Atta on the plane? No, he was not on the plane. It's all going to come out you know. The Pakistanis gave him $100,000 a few weeks before the bombing. Ding! Ding! The American people are going to be shocked. The 911 story as sold to the American people by CNN and the media is a scam–¯snake vomit.

What's next? Well there were a few minor terrorist attacks being set up so the Pentagon can say, "You see, it's all true." Then what? You are not going to believe this–¯a simulated UFO attack. This caper has been on the books for years, simmering gently waiting for its proper time. I know it sounds utterly crazy, but it is true. It's part of establishing a world-government.

Henry Kissinger, Reagan, and George Bush Sr. have all made speeches in the past saying, what will we do in case of an extraterrestrial, UFO threat?

Clinton, when President, urged everyone to go see Independence Day, a disinformation flick in which the USA is attacked by UFOs and the President saves the nation at the last minute. The idea of the solid-UFO is being spoon-fed into the American psyche with Hollywood's cooperation as usual, of course.

For fifty years, the 'powers that be' have sold the solid-UFO myth. How's it done? They have done so by pretending to cover up the UFO secret. So the Roswell crash and Blue Book, and daft tales of secret cover-ups are part of the ploy of getting you to believe in the solid-UFO myth. If the military are so strenuously denying and covering things up, it must be true. If you and millions of others don't believe in the solid-UFO myth, how will the Snake simulate a UFO attack on America?

Now listen up suckers here's the nine o'clock news, there are UFOs flying over Area 51, in Nevada, Wednesday at eight. Come along, wrap up warm, and stand by the black mailbox, you'll see it all. Secret American technology being tested right before your very eyes. Don't stray even a few yards as we've hired the nasties at Wackenhut Security to protect the American air force's solid-UFO secret.

By the way, in case you are not totally brain dead, there is a book which tells the mysterious tale of how an unknown physicist (Bob Lazar), was hired by one the most famous scientist in the world, Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb-thanks a million Ed), to back-engineer crashed UFOs at Area 51. If you are hungry for a bit more BS, try this other book by Col. Corso, which explains how America back-engineered the crashed UFO at Roswell (1947), to gain valuable industrial secrets like the silicon chip, night vision glasses and fiber optics.

Excuse me, who is writing this BS? The Snake and Hollywood is right in the thick of it up to its grubby knees. 'ET go home,' a Spielberg concoction, was made to con people, especially impressionable children, into the idea that extraterrestrials are friendly little chaps in solid UFOs that sometimes experience mechanical problems–¯oh dear! They are not transdimensionals in the etheric that want to suck your very life from you. No. These sweet little fellows just want to play with the children until they can return to their star system. The Mutant Ninja Turtles, friendly reptilians that come up from the sewer to help humanity is in the same propaganda vein as is Spielberg's ET lie.

UFOs are not pleasant, and tales of alien abduction of humans in the etheric are substantially correct. The UFO is a transdimensional entity; it is not solid anymore than a ghost is solid. However, that doesn't mean they are not deadly. Remember, they can talk directly into your mind without you realizing it. They can suck your energy to feed off you and make you sick. Their game is influence and control, aided and abetted by the Snake that feeds authors who promote the space brothers-solid-UFO myth. It's the reverse psychology of the government's denials that makes UFOs real.

To understand things, you always have to go in the opposite direction to the flow. In denying that UFOs exist, and by promoting stories of a cover-up, the government gets you to believe in UFOs. Clever? Why do they want you to believe it? Why is Hollywood colluding to sell us this idea? Disinformation. It's a set-up. Here comes the phony UFO attack on LA. Remember the old political adage, "If you are going to lie, make it a big lie". Bin Laden and the UFOs are coming, eek!

The etheric ‘round your body is the same as the etheric ‘round the world. So whatever transdimensional entities you see in the sky are in fact, in your etheric, inches from your body. Elsewhere, I described that UFOs only sometimes look like they are solid craft, flying high above you. In fact, they are non-solid beings in the etheric, flying low down, usually below your waist to your left. They are about the size of a pea. The solid flying UFO in the sky is a projection on an opposite tangent–¯bottom left-high, right-bottom right-high, left, etc. The same rule applies to orange balls, flying triangles and the famous Mexican UFO 'flotilla' sightings of the early 90s.

Once 911 and the rest of these ploys peter out, the simulated UFO attack is the next item on the menu. The idea is to have a crisis on the East Coast (911), and then one on the West Coast, so everyone feels suitably threatened. Some say it will be done holographically by projecting images in the sky. Others say man-made circular flying craft are well within the USA's manufacturing capability. Their first circular aircraft were successfully tested in the USA in the 195Os. I'm not sure that either are needed, as the TDs can collude with the Brotherhood of the Snake to put on a show. After all, the TDs have the Snake in their grasp. They are the Snake and it is them.

No doubt CNN, the official voice of the New World Order, will roll out Teller and others to say extraterrestrials are real, and the attack is real, and the danger well founded. Even people who don't believe UFOs exist will accept it if CNN tells them it's a fact. And wasn't it a miracle that LA was saved in the nick of time by America's Star Wars technology? And wasn't it clever of George W. Bush to go ahead and allocate a hundred billion dollars for the Star Wars program to defend humanity against the UFOs when everyone said there was no threat. Then the usual bevy of experts will say we may not be so lucky next time. So what about a world-government to coordinate defenses in the event of a UFO counter attack? The cynicism is blatant. The lie, huge.

Next, Bob Lazar, the young physicist supposedly hired by Teller, and then supposedly sacked by the US airforce, will now be rehired at Area 51. And he will be made holy and good–¯the real American hero, while he quickly discovers the source of the nonexistent element 115, which he has courageously said all along drives the UFOs from Zeta Reticulli by bending space and time.

Brilliant, Bob! Congratulations for sticking to your ground against all odds, and in the face of the government's Area 51 cover-up. Here's the Nobel Prize–¯shared with Teller of course–¯for creative lying. Moon shots will be launched by NASA to farm element 115, which it turns out is only available on the dark side of the moon, and the industrial-military machine will get a few billion to finance the early expeditions. One last item, we need ten billion to fly 300 Marines and a ton of barbed wire to the moon, in case Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network are hiding in craters waiting for NASA to show up.

Here's the plan. Create a crisis; feed it constantly via the Hiss of the Snake, so that it generates enough anxiety that passing laws abolishing people's legal rights is seen as a great benefit, in the interest of security, of course. Next, have 911, followed by a few minor incidents, and then the UFO attack. From that we'll create a world-government and we will put all significant commercial activity where it can be safely controlled, in the hands of a few families.

Next, the Snake has to wallow in its revenge, so it will plot to get rid of the herd, therefore we'll need an epidemic. A virus so strong and so deadly the government will be able to throw up its hands and say, "Sorry, there is nothing we can do, isn't it sad? There is a flu epidemic planned, and the first part of it is already being delivered courtesy of your local air force.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, we need to make sure we control all the money, and that the industrial-military machine has a clear run. So we need the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the WTO, G8, globalization, trade agreements-NAFTA, GATT, single currencies; we need to control everything, gold, diamonds, tax, interest rates, etc. We also need to make sure no one is hiding any money, so let's have money-laundering laws and fiscal surveillance based on the scam of the non-existent drug wars.

What else? We need to make sure no one protests. So when the G8 summit is on in Seattle, we'll send in some paid government thugs dressed up as hippies, and we'll allow them to wander around Seattle for twenty-fours hours, while we order the local police to stand down and do nothing.* Many honest policemen in Seattle protested that they were ordered not to infer while the government's gangs wrecked downtown, but the honest cops were warned to drop their protest or face big trouble.

The Snake's roving gangs in Seattle and Genoa were part of a smear campaign to label all anti-globalization protestors as violent anarchists. Now, the global elite can ban protests and hold G8 meetings plotting the fate of the world in the remote Canadian woods–¯for security reasons, of course. After the Seattle riot was over the city council was ordered from high up to provide free public housing and benefits to the gang of anarchists that had just wrecked their downtown area. Cozy.

Next, we need to watch everyone to make sure there is no untoward behavior or dissent from ordinary citizens, those who are not authorized to wreck downtown. Erect millions of CCTV cameras, in the interests of security, of course. What else? Well, let's get rid of discussion and have everything laid out by spin-doctors. Let the Hiss of the Snake be instructed not to mention anything untoward, like 'smart' bombs that hit villages five miles off target; Patriot missiles that never ever hit a single scud during the Gulf War, not even once by accident, true.

This fact was discovered by a Congressional hearing after the Gulf War, when the military wanted more money for Patriot missiles that can't hit a barn door at twenty paces. Of course, there must also be no mention of civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Let us have our countries run by the supreme authority of the Snake and its Satanic members, and we will ensure the glory of the New Reich reigns for a thousand years.

To get all of this in place, you need the media. Who owns and controls the media? The same elite that controls everything else. Ding! Ding! The Snake controls the voice of the world, remember that: ET go home, UFO attacks, X Files, Men in Black II, here we come. It's the same everywhere you look.

Will it work? Yes, for a while.

2013–¯A Space Odyssey, How it all Ended.

With the benefit of hindsight and now we are all safely ‘round the back of 3-D, I can tell you the take over of the world did work for a bit, but it turned out to be quite a mess. In the end, the Hiss of the Snake went bankrupt, the Brotherhood of the Snake was destroyed, and the New World Order fell over with a humiliating 'plop'.

Here is how it went. At the beginning of the millennium, the Satanic elite and the Brotherhood of the Snake held all the cards. They and their partners controlled everything. They were the voice of the world and that voice was controlled through the media. The Snake bought off politicians and stage-managed events to suit their ends. They were able to gain control because it was their destiny to do so. No one in their right mind would believe that the world was in the grip of transdimensionals in alliance with an elite, who were planning to kill millions of people and run the world as their fiefdom.

It was odd that people couldn't see it. But then again, it is the nature of evil to lie and to hide, and obscure the truth. The liars were given lots of airtime and made important and special, while the opposition was silenced, marginalized and vilified.

But strangely enough, it was the little people who saved the day. It was those who were genuinely good deep within; those who were brave, who pulled it off against all odds. Then again, it was also their destiny to do so. I can't tell you the entire story of how they did it. For even though the Brotherhood of the Snake and the New World Order never saw them coming, the transdimensionals knew all about them. But here is most of the story.

Remember, the TDs in the etheric could read a man's mind. Just as the Hiss of the Snake controlled the waking mind of the world through misinformation, the TDs were the silent Voice of the World, secretly talking to people's feelings deep in their subconscious. The Hiss of the Snake and the TDs were two sides of the same coin.

The TDs knew the threat the little people posed, and they could influence anyone into acting against those people. So the TDs inspired all manner of counter measures: false witness, misinformation, propaganda, political intrigue, and military measures. And of course, they used their occult power to attempt to degrade the little people etherically, and make them scared.

The World Order's main problem was the propensity of the members to fight amongst themselves, just as Hitler fought the Russian butcher, Stalin. But the NWO's real weakness was a lack of awareness. When the 10-D morph dropped into 3-D from March 2000 onwards, ordinary people with awareness gradually saw the morph. The first thing they saw was that it lit up the etheric as searchlights illuminate the night sky. For the first time ever, people clearly saw the transdimensional entities, who of course, had been operating in secret for thousands of years. That is how the first few of the little people found out that UFOs are pea-sized and below your waist.

Some of the people figured out how to chase after the TDs and degrade them. Suddenly, the TDs–¯UFOs, Grays, Satanic etheric energies, and all manner of flying etheric crud, was getting whacked in the etheric for the first time ever. It was scary at first, but it was also heaps of fun. Everyone on the side of the light loved it.

What few had realized up until then was that the NWO was intrinsically weak. It appealed only to those who were deeply disconnected from life's sustaining qualities and spiritual goodness. It appealed to greed, nastiness and those who insisted on control for control's sake. Once the NWO began to lose its TD partners in the etheric, their power supply gradually ran out. This made them very insecure and sick, and some just keeled over and dropped dead for no apparent medical reasons. Well, you can imagine how spooked out the others became. The problem was that they didn't know what was going on. They suddenly experienced uncontrollable terror of the kind they had been dishing out for a long time.

What came to light was that the Third Reich never went anywhere. It was never defeated. In fact, much of it wound up in America and in other hot spots like the European aristocracy, Austria, Australia, and the Middle East. At first, the American Empire and the New World Order came to be seen as the Fourth Reich, people called it the 'Redneck Reich'. It was powerful and violent, but predictable. But as the morph came in more and more, people came to see that behind the Fourth Reich there was a fifth, hidden Reich. It was deadly. It was quite a shock, I can tell you. The Fifth Reich was the one that wanted to reduce the world's population by manufacturing and delivering epidemics from the air and in the water.

It was made up of fiendish folk who worshiped the devil and reveled in megalomania, and all things dark and vile. It was a conglomeration of American military men, former politicians, prominent Jews, media tycoons, big business, the crowned heads of Europe, the aristocracy, and political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as the secret controllers of Australia, and anyone else that made the grade as truly, deeply nasty.

Writers called it the Fifth Reich, because it was the etheric Reich. It was the unwritten alliance between the TDs in the etheric, and a secret society of Satanists and closet neo-Nazis on the ground. They wanted to reestablish the fascist hell that had failed in 1945. It was their ideals and rituals that gave them power. It was also called 'hidden' because it was sustained by misinformation and by the TDs, who were the driving force behind both the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Fifth Reich.

Of course, people were ill-informed; they had little access to untainted news, and when they finally found out the truth they didn't believe what they heard. They got very angry. Some got angry because they had known all along in their feelings that something spooky was going on. The others got angry because they openly or secretly liked the Fourth Reich. Or, they were actually secret members of the Fifth Reich. They also knew something spooky was going on, which in this case was that their beloved Reichs were about to collapse, taking them with it.

It was a very troubled time; everyone tried to take it out on everyone else. The Hiss of the Snake was cranked into overtime. They knew they were about to be exposed, so everyone and their aged granny were labeled a would-be terrorist. On the day of George W. Bush's State of the Union address in Congress in January 2002, British television (ITV) announced somberly on the morning news that ten thousand terrorists were armed and ready to attack America. It was a complete fabrication.

The NWO tried desperately to retain control via more regulation, harsher punishments, enforcement, internment, prison without trial, surveillance, and of course disinformation. Their partners in the media backed them all the way, but by now it was too late. People knew the mainstream media was the voice of the Fourth and Fifth Reich–¯the game was all but over.

In collusion with the Christian fundamentalists, the Brotherhood of the Snake even tried to install a fake Jesus, who was backed by the media full on. It was odd seeing the media moguls backing Jesus, as that hadn't been their thing in the past, but times were desperate. The elite believed that the appearance of 'the returned' Jesus would solidify their pretense to be holy and good in the minds' of ordinary people, who by now had become a bit suspicious. It was a gallant, last-ditch attempt. The idea was that the fake Jesus would endorse the black empire of the Fourth Reich and endow it with righteousness, and that would take attention away from the Fifth Reich that was now being exposed. The ploy didn't work for long.

The Tibetan Buddhists were doing well at the time, and the Dalai Lama was considered as an alternative. He was asked to endorse the Reich and the failing, fake Jesus. They even offered to give him back Tibet if he got behind the scam. You see in those days, the Tibetan Llamas appealed to people's need to spiritually dry-clean themselves from what were often seen as greedy and egocentric ways. It appealed to those who longed to be part of a spiritually aristocracy. Lots of Hollywood folk dropped their souls round to the Tibetan launderette. The Snake knew this, so they hoped to use the Dalai Lama to give their phony Jesus a bit of a wash and brush up. It didn't work.

The Dalai Lama was an honest man and though he wanted Tibet, he wasn't prepared to back the lies of the Snake. Instead he talked about truth, benevolence and compassion, which irritated the Snake, no end. Anyway, by now the Christian fundamentalists had bought the fake Jesus, lock, stock, and barrel, and they were making a slew of cash. Their people were hooked. They didn't need the Dalai Lama getting in the way. China balked at handing back Tibet, and anyway, they had a fake Dalai Lama they hoped to wheel in. They weren't up for helping the real one, so the fake Jesus plan began to unravel every which way it could.**

Meanwhile, the regular occurrence of prominent folk and petty tyrants keeling over didn't go unnoticed. A lot of marginal folk who would have joined the Fifth Reich had they known how, had to decide one way or the other, which way their spiritual loyalties lay. Some were royally conned by the fake Jesus ploy, and they sadly trotted off to their spiritual doom. But others turned ‘round at the last minute and came back to god, albeit rather sheepishly.

Meanwhile, Israel took a fatal hit and never recovered. That rattled the Brotherhood of the Snake. But it didn't do the Palestinians any good either, as they never got their homeland back in spite of Israel's collapse. Meanwhile, the leadership of the Fourth Reich changed several times, but it was now wheezing from various economic woes and the sheer weight of its lies. Agents of the Snake assassinated a prominent political figure, and people remembered the Martin Luther King murder, which everyone including Mr. King's widow said was not committed by the patsy, James Earl Ray.

The days of snake oil were almost over. The British monarchy suffered a massive PR setback when a nasty scandal, which was vehemently denied, turned out to be all true. Prominent folk the world over were seen to be losing ground left and right.

Meanwhile, back in the etheric, the War of the Worlds continued. The little people who could see the etheric–¯there were millions of them now–¯learned more in a few months than they had learned all the rest of their lives. They soon were able to operate more effectively and to protect themselves, but as yet, they were usually too scared or too inexperienced to take on the TDs.

Shortly after the morph began to drop into 3-D, in the spring of 2001, about nine months later to be precise, other etheric beings showed up in our 3-D world. This group was a delightful change from the crud that was running the show before. In fact, they were warriors in the etheric from another world–¯spiritual gladiators. First came a group of eleven. They were all dressed in white. Each carried a long thin pole that looked like a lance; it was actually an antenna. Tied to their wrist was a white scarf made of what looked like silk or chiffon, it hung down to the right. People were puzzled by it. You see, the beings had come from another dimension to wipe away the tears of the world. The white scarf was their symbol. It was very moving.

Any idea of hitting the New World Order on the ground would have been nasty, not to mention suicidal. But now it wasn't necessary, as the New World Order was being degraded in the etheric, it was starting to wobble.

You see, it was as the TDs that got hit first, and that began as far as we know, in August 2001. Once the etheric fighters with the chiffon scarves showed up in late 2001, the TDs suffered a terrible set back. For as they were being marginalized and degraded in the etheric, they couldn't properly protect their people on the ground. The Fourth Reich–¯the American empire that had been in alliance with the TDs without ever properly knowing it–¯started to implode from every direction at once: etheric, physical, financial, political, military, religious, it got messy.

The Fifth Reich and the Brotherhood of the Snake knew about the TDs, and they knew they were in alliance with a dark power, for they had glimpsed it in their rituals. And though many in the Brotherhood were very dangerous and very perceptive, they were also arrogant. They felt they had been chosen for a special destiny. They felt they were invincible.

They soon began to distance themselves from the faltering Fourth Reich, which they saw as inferior, lower class and expendable. But still, the Fifth Reich knew something was up, they just couldn't put their finger on it. They erroneously felt the threat was on the ground in 3-D, from reactionary forces in the military-political world, and so they reacted by becoming nastier and nastier. The Snake killed and sacrificed victims, and took its vengeance out on millions of ordinary people.

It took ages to get things sorted out, and everyone had to suffer along and be very patient. Some got desperate and they threw their hand in with the faltering Fourth Reich, snitching on their neighbors; acting as observers, taking low-paid government jobs administering the Reich, policing the population and so forth. They were known as the New Recidivists. They were spooky, but they didn't last.

Then, as the etheric warriors stepped into the fray in big numbers, some bizarre stuff appeared in the sky and everyone, including the Brotherhood of the Snake, got very scared. By now, the TDs and the Snake were getting whacked mercilessly in the etheric; the Snake was puking its guts out–¯it was a terrible sight. We had to look away; it was all too much.

The TDs also spooked out. They were tormented by the sense that they were losing control. For the first time ever, they were allowed to come up in the etheric and everyone could see them. They looked like little gold balls of light, flying as if in slow motion, around your legs. A few would get up to six feet in altitude, but none made it much higher than that. They were like bees, and they would land on your etheric and sting you. Sometimes you would get stung a hundred times a day, and people couldn't sleep. Commercial activity collapsed over night, as people became more erratic and psychologically disturbed. No one could concentrate, tormented as they were. Many took to alcohol and drugs, and millions committed suicide and many more gave up all hope. It was particularly bad in Japan.

At the time of the bees, people thought the world was ending. It wasn't–¯just their world was ending. Of course, the closet fascist will always think his or her mind is the world. You can see how they get confused.

Anyway, medical and military experts were called in, and they got on TV to spout a few theories. But they didn't have a clue, and often they gave people the exact opposite advice, making matters worse. The fundamentalists had a hey-day selling protection from the bees, none of which worked. And soon, people could see their religious and political leaders were a sham, and they saw the media as liars endorsing the sham. Several prominent news broadcasters were shot dead in the street.

People were angry. The leaders would pretend everything was fine, and the very next day something else bizarre would happen to prove it wasn't fine. The liars were exposed, over and over. The petty tyrants faltered, and so did many of the others and the control of the Snake began to fall away, fatally wounded, exposed for what it was. None of the Brotherhood of the Snake was to survive long term. There was not even one that got through, but they didn't know that as yet.

Meanwhile, many of the closet Nazis of the Fourth Reich, and the petty tyrants of society, began to feel truly, deeply frightened. The terror was not just in the irritation of the bees; it was deep in their bones, in the very essence of their etheric. They knew nothing of the etheric, so they couldn't figure where the real terror emanated from. Except for the bees, not much had changed as yet. These people still had their jobs and their uniforms and their status, and they went out to work as usual, when they could. But every moment, day and night, the terror got worse and worse. Most of New Recidivists fell at that time or shortly thereafter, as they were only ever the 'yes' men and women of the Reich. They were never particularly sophisticated or strong.

Then one day, the bees disappeared just as mysteriously as they had come. An eerie kind of silence fell over humanity, and the alliance of the politicians and the Brotherhood of Snake and the money-men and the military-industrial complex, what was left of it, rejoiced.

The media even concocted a story to say it was the Americans that has gotten rid of the bees by using a low frequency pulse. That was one more lie to add to their other lies. Once again, the leaders became heroes overnight and all began to fall back to where they were before. People who had pretended to embrace goodness in the time of the bees suddenly didn't seem to need it anymore, and they went back to their old ways.

It was a time of unbridled rejoicing. People ran amok. They didn't care; they had survived. Promiscuity was rife; no one worried about marriage, fidelity, safe sex, AIDS or anything anymore. They just wanted to express their physicality. There were orgies of eating and drinking, drugs and sex and random violence. Everything was allowed–¯S & M, wild gatherings of thousands of people having sex openly with multiple partners, public executions, Satanic rituals were televised, sacrifices and all manner of hitherto unconscionable behavior became normal. Africa was a living hell.

People settled old scores and murder and theft was rife, as the police stopped arresting people. They either ignored their behavior and allowed it, or they shot them dead, then and there in the street when they felt like it. No one bothered with arrest and trials anymore. The madness and jubilation was short-lived for after a while, once they had all shown their true colors, the unseen armies that had come from another world to destroy them returned.

About fifty of the Australian elite fell in two days and the Snake's rigid control of that country in alliance with corrupt Australians was exposed. People learned of a murder of a much-loved Australian who had been killed some years before by the Australian government on instructions from America. They were shocked and angry.

The American-Australian alliance never recovered. Queensland tried to pull out of the Commonwealth of Australia and the government in Canberra threatened to attack. But by now, Canberra was so weak and helpless and terrified, they weren't thinking properly. The officers of the Australian army on the side of the government refused to fire on other Australians, and so Canberra changed its mind and ordered the army to withdraw.

A lake in New Zealand was discovered to be something other than a tourist resort as people had imagined it to be, and that shocked the Kiwis. The country had gone broke a while before and the government, which was very shaky anyway, fell, and the Snake was sent packing. It didn't want New Zealand. It was too small and too remote. Anyway, the problems of the Snake worldwide were too great.

The way the Communist party of China collapsed–¯what was left of it by then, was truly transcendental. The dragon came back and ate them–¯chop suey. Beijing was almost completely destroyed. Still, nobody had ever liked Beijing, so people didn't miss it.

Anyway, I better not distress you too much with the details, but as a general idea, things unraveled. Everyone knew something big was about to happen. Visionaries and experts and even New Age psychics got on TV to offer their views but they were all wrong.

Meanwhile, the little people who could 'see' who by now, were not as little as they used to be, refused to join the mayhem and the orgies of sex and violence. Instead they drifted away to remote areas that no one wanted, and they joined the warriors from 10-D in the etheric, who now numbered hundreds of thousands.

At first, people didn't realize they had joined the forces of light, as the 10-D warriors used them silently for good, just as the TDs had used demonic humans for bad. But over a short period of time, the little people had learned all the etheric tricks the TDs knew and more. By now, ordinary people had learned to see their etheric allies, so they weren't scared anymore. They came to realize they were a part of an angelic 10-D world after all. They could see it. The celestial world was all around them, and now they were comfortable in it. They grew up fast. It was the 10-D etheric warriors in alliance with the humans who could 'see' who wiped out the TDs, and wrote the final chapter.

Once the people had found their courage, and once they had learned to 'see' they used that to protect the children, and with the TDs gone the Brotherhood of the Snake very quickly imploded through the weight of its darkness. As they went, hundreds of millions went with them, literally overnight.

It was the little people that saved the day. I didn't know many of them, but the ones I did know, I liked a lot. They were brave.

Eventually, for a while, the world was given back to the animals.

©Stuart Wilde 2002
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Re: The Fifth Reich and How The New World Order Collapsed
George Orwell was right..Black is White, Up is Down, War is Peace...

"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."

Yesterday is history.......Tomorrow a mystery.......Today is a gift......thats why we call it the Present!!!