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There Is No Spoon

User ID: 34060366
United States
02/11/2013 01:41 PM
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There Is No Spoon
People die. Iím still alive.
Some pass on violently
As I grovel about unachieved desires
Sit and bathe inside warmth of comfort.
Eyes scan the reflecting skin in the mirror
Searching for a price
What cost it is to others that my blood is still pumping
Vagabond of thought
Assessing consistent happenings and doings for a dulling of the jagged edge
Almost bowing to erasure of the seconds and minutes and hours lived thus far
Cleansing the pallet with a swig of deception.
A sore throat, swallowing too much blood.
Stabbed the wrist, the body of regret
Repelling off of a mountain with no stable ground at the bottom.
People die.
A frame of time exists.
Until the portraitís removed from the case,
Iíll stay stuck as a dab of paint in black and white on a vastly detailed canvass.

User ID: 469597
Costa Rica
02/11/2013 01:45 PM
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Re: There Is No Spoon
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