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Message Subject Anyone else having heart freeze?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My daughter was just nomming on some ice cream and had to take a break.

Said she had heart freeze.

She often thinks with her open heart <3
 Quoting: Deaf Cat in the Blue Hat

yes, actually!
the other night
it happened 4 times!
 Quoting: Ellusion

Things that happen in four are the new beautiful signs. Look beyond three in meaning.

I have a wonderful tool, a music stash endowed with a 'Godmode' so to say of mathematically governed randomness.

Wherever my thoughts wander, if I ground them into this tool, the title of the first three songs is the message, the context of the fourth to help it ring true.

Dozens of moments of clarity with it since Valentine's. A wonderful time in my life I'm living, so hard to share it free of I.

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