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Conspiracy theories which slander western leaders were created by the KGB to turn the people against them

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 836204
United Kingdom
02/11/2013 05:23 PM
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Conspiracy theories which slander western leaders were created by the KGB to turn the people against them
Basically, the Communists are using what they call their 'long range' strategy to topple democracy and capitalism. Part of this deceptive war strategy was to turn former commie countries into pseudo democracies, so they could win the trust of the west, converge with it (cue european union), then begin using persuasion and sabotage to cause the system to fall.

There are countless e.u. migrants on our soil who hail from 'former' commie countries - many of which maybe kgb operatives.

Now look at the many conspiracy theories circulating today and who they are aimed at: western leaders - past and present.

While I'm not saying these people are necessarily nice, it seems quite clear to me that Marxist agents are creating disinformation in an attempt to stealthily sway public opinion against leaders of the capitalist world -- with allegations of paedophilia, child sacrifice / murder, drug smuggling, etc, etc. It's all part of a propaganda plan to create growing distrust towards western politicians / heads of state, to pave the way for Marxists to impose their communist system upon the western world.

I've always suspected something bogus about all the conspiratorial material I've read, and that's because I believe it is Marxist propaganda.

Why do you think all of these conspiracy researchers have not been murdered for 'outing' the supposed conspirators? If they were really guilty of all the things they have been accused of, I'm sure they'd have found ways to silence them.

The researchers are either being duped by the Marxist's disinfo war or some are actually working with them. Either way, they are firing bullets provided to them.