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The Solomon Formula : Theophysical Science

Simon Sam Gutierrez
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United States
02/11/2013 06:30 PM
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The Solomon Formula : Theophysical Science
Because we are thinkers, and have brains, we were never given a puzzle that we could not solve. Fact is, The Gods would never present us with something that is Unknowable. They want us to know. Once we know who we are dealing with, then we can see that they are to be worshipped for what they are: GODS, and of course, there is a Chief God, he has 99-names, God is not one of his names, God is what he is. In order to learn, you must first ask the right question(s), then the right answer(s) will fall into your grasp of understanding. Everybody named in the Bible (KJV only) has a Creation day, and a Birth day, and the year in which they were born. Jesus has a 777 Key. 7x7x7=343 = the 343rd day of the year, 9 December (6 B.C.) Jesus' real Birth Day, He was placed inside his mothers womb on the 77th day (18 March 6 B.C.)....Let me get the 666 out of the way. 666 is Solomon's Key "Here is wisdom." 6x6x6=216=, and the 4th day of August, Solomon's Creation day in the year 1000 B.C., Solomon was born on the 117th day (27 April 999 B.C.), the verse in question makes reference to The Beast, well if you keep reading said verse, you will see it goes on to state, "...for it is the number of a MAN...". The bad person we are looking for is 555, and 55, and 5. 555= Lucifer's Key. 55= Satan. 5= Death. All this and more can easily be found on the pages of The Holy Bible (KJV only).
Simon Sam Gutierrez of The Solomon Formula