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2012 YQ1 (230 Meters) Will Strike The Earth in 2106

R. McGiddon
User ID: 16837293
02/11/2013 08:08 PM
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2012 YQ1 (230 Meters) Will Strike The Earth in 2106
We have 93 years left till the next End of the World: killer asteroid to hit Earth in 2106

Moscow (Voice of Russia) Feb 12, 2013

"With the collision date quite so far ahead it seems that few of us will still be here to witness the apocalyptic event. However, as life expectancy is steadily increasing with the latest developments in medicine and biochemistry, it is quite probable that many of the Y2K generation will live to see the massive asteroid hitting the Earth with their own eyes.

It was yet another all-nighter for two Russian astronomers, Andrey Oreshko and Timur Kryachko, when their red eyes saw a previously unrecorded asteroid revealed by the lens of their remote-controlled telescope 'Elena', located in the Chilean Atacama desert. Having already found more than a dozen previously unknown asteroids, the astronomers were not particularly excited about their latest discovery.

However, their ambivalence quickly gave way to anxiety when the two men studied the size and trajectory of the new-found 2012 YQ1; with a diameter of 230 meters and an orbital period of 1040 days, it soon became clear that the asteroid was highly likely to strike planet Earth.

Using 'Elena', with its integrated CCD technology and 0.4 meter diameter primary mirror, Oreshko and Kryachko were able calculate the probable time of collision: January 2106. Given that 'Elena' is one of the most advanced telescopes in use today, the probability that the astronomers are mistaken is extremely low.

According to Mr Kryachko, if the asteroid's course is not altered by a random collision with another celestial body or similarly unpredictable circumstance, in January 2106 the asteroid will pass through a gravitational keyhole bringing it as close as one and a half moon-distances to Earth, near enough for earth's gravity to change the asteroid's course and draw it even closer.

Ultimately, YQ1 will hit Earth so hard that a global catastrophe will be unavoidable. The scientists estimate that the impact would equate to the energy released by approximately 25000 atomic bombs all going off at once. That puts YQ1 on par with the infamous Apophis which measures 270 meters in diameter and had been thought likely to strike Earth in 2036. According to NASA's 'virtual impactors' directory, YQ1 is 17th of the most dangerous asteroids ever discovered.

What is particularly interesting about the discovery of YQ1 is the fact that the asteroid was found by a privately-owned telescope in the southern hemisphere which was being remotely controlled from an apartment in Moscow. This is a rather unusual event as the discovery of new asteroids has tended to be the privilege of NASA..."

[link to www.spacedaily.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34061989
02/11/2013 08:11 PM
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Re: 2012 YQ1 (230 Meters) Will Strike The Earth in 2106
Well..im not waiting around..Im gonna get my tomato plants inside right now..you know..avoid the rush n all.