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Message Subject The Nobody AKA Somebody and soon to be King is looking for his Queen!
Poster Handle The Fool Nobody Found
Post Content
I count a perfect baker's dozen, Thirteen Virgin Star Maidens encircling The Nobody King and his Queen Woman of Stars

As the Angel of the Revelation blows the Last Trumpet...

Apotheosis Close


To the Love of my Life, my Woman of Scars

Enthroned at my right hand, my Goddess of Stars:

While I’m out of your sight and we live apart,

On this Valentine’s Night, I give you my heart...

This heart, that’s known fears and a dark pall of pain,

With my oceans of tears, was washed clean again!

I give you my heart’s Little Drummer Boy beat

That made the Christ smile when I played at His feet.

Though it’s no glitzy gold heart, no chocolate truff,

My Aladdin heart's the “diamond in the rough.”

From pressure exposure, for eons of time...

My faceted Lotus heart blinds with its Shine!

Light up the darkness...have my heart to hold,

It makes love and bliss and never grows old!

Handle my heart with care...plug yours into mine,

My Goddess, …if you dareBe My Valentine!

February 14, 2013

hf XO,


The Fool Nobody
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