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This Year Still Holds Light. But I can't say the same after the door is closed.

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02/12/2013 11:45 AM
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This Year Still Holds Light. But I can't say the same after the door is closed.
We are pop corn kernels.
The earth will soon shake us up into an edible size.

After the Roman shakes the hourglass the social media mouth will spew its saliva out into the streets of the Land of Oaks the trails of the ancient Apollo and The land of Ponds.

In the warm days electric sources will become shortly shaded by the Sunshine.

The Red Rock will plant a new picture of focus in your mind.

The Ancient Corridors will be traveled and what is found will be hidden from our eyes.

We will not be camping for another two years.

We will not be coughing animal coughs for two years.

It appears that unrest will cause a beast to wake up.
This is true but not as soon as you think.

Our sweet sixteen will involve a new cognitive transformation.
State sanctioned sweet tarts will make you see that which you have been brought to believe otherwise.

The flags will be lifted on false horizons when the summer falls in coldness and darkness.

The fourteenth year is the last doorway out of inevitability.

Upon adulthood our pantries will be bald as is our focus.

Save a spot in your stomach. You wouldn't want it to ache now. Death is more severe a consequence than keeping a pulse.

Don't lose focus.
Don't lose focus.

The police games will fog out the minds and the hives will swarm upon arrival of the sun of labor.