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Message Subject BREAKING - Obama to Resign During Tonight's State Of The Union!
Poster Handle SeekWisdom
Post Content
Bilderberg play-cards tower is collapsing:

It started with:

1. Queen Beatrix resigned
2. Pope Benedict resigned

To follow:

3. Barack Obama to resign tonight
4. Queen Elizabeth to resign by the end of the week

To follow next week, the false royalty:

5. Rothschilds arrest and confiscation of all assets
6. Rockefellers arrest and confiscation of all assest
and hundreds of their bankster helpers you've never heard of.

Then comes out the truth on 9/11, to be followed by public executions of:

7. George W Bush
8. Dick Chaney aka "stand-down order man"
and hundreds of their helpers.

Then new science is revealed to the mankind which has been kept secret within royal families for 6000 years.

Then One World is declared, without borders, without money.

Then The Age of Empires ends.

Then The Age of Enlightenment begins (but not the Illuminati NWO crap as they and Masons will all be history by the year's end.)

Then Happy New 2014.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14798113

We can only hope!
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