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WORMFALL!!! Sometimes It Just F*cking Rains Worms!

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02/12/2013 01:53 PM
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WORMFALL!!! Sometimes It Just F*cking Rains Worms!
From the article (in accordance with GLP's policy):

In 2007, Eleanor Beal was making her way to work at the Jennings Police Department when she sensed that something was amiss. Spidey senses tingling, Beal then observed what appeared to be small brown balls raining down from the sky.

Now, this is one of those situations where there is zero chance that closer inspection is going to make you feel better about what is happening. What's the best case scenario for squishy brown blobs from the sky? An explosion at a nearby fudge factory? Well, Beal took a closer look anyway and found that the objects were actually large, crawling clumps of tangled-up worms. To make sure that she hadn't completely lost it, Beal called a co-worker, who confirmed that there were indeed globs of worms littering the parking lot.

So where did they come from? Since they probably didn't spontaneously generate in midair, scientists' best guess is that a water spout sucked the worms out of nearby Lacassine Bayou and then -- apparently -- attempted to turn them over to the police. The obvious problem with this theory is that it fails to explain how or why so many worms were hanging out in tangled knots just waiting to be airlifted to the station.

The best part of this creepy crawly mess? It's happened before.

In April 2011, physical education teacher David Crichton was playing soccer with his students at Scotland's Galashiels Academy when another mysterious wormfall began. Crichton said he heard a "wee thudding noise" as the worms impacted the ground, followed by the shrieks of students as they headed for cover.

Crichton and other teachers found worms scattered over a hundred-yard area, including the artificial grass soccer and tennis courts. Crichton checked with instructors from the school's science department, whose extremely technical expert analysis was that "maybe it was a freak weather thing." Lacking any better suggestions, we'll go with that -- never mind the fact that the day was completely cloudless and water-spout-free, and that Galashiels is about 40 miles from the nearest beach.

Check out the rest of the article to read about other bizarre things that have fallen from the sky.

[link to www.cracked.com]
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