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Vancouver’s SkyTrain stations postulating the use of debit cards over cash

The West Coast Truth

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02/12/2013 11:26 PM

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Vancouver’s SkyTrain stations postulating the use of debit cards over cash
In contemporary society there is a shift by the banks and the government to move to a cashless society. This scenario is both dangerous and an affront to democracy, as cash keeps one free and it is democratic. Indeed, there are commercials funded by the banks encouraging individuals to use their debit cards, espousing the ease and safety of using such cards. The other day a well-known bank postulated that they would not accept cash to pay for a bill, rather they required the individual to pay from her account. The pretext the bank used was that it was to cease money laundering; I fail to see how paying a $40 bill can be used as a cloak for money laundering.

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