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Citing things ultra-weak on message boards.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/13/2013 12:14 AM
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Citing things ultra-weak on message boards.
People on message boards keep citing things ultra-weak as if they are significant. saying things like eating meat releases endorphins and helps pain when it has less than 1/50th the power of a pain pill. saying things like soy feminizes men, when the compounds of soy have extremely low affinity for estrogen receptors and arent even 1/1000th the power of Taragmet ant acids or birth control pills and do not grow breasts in men. saying things likeSt Johns Wort releases dopamine to help depression, when its affinity is so low, it cant even be felt as much as 1 ounch of coffee

people on message boards cite ultra weak things, and do not discriminate the strength and efficacy of things, but instead just cite everything, even if its ultra weak with super low affinity. This is bizarre and misinformed.