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tales from the youth

User ID: 17490553
United States
02/13/2013 12:32 AM
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tales from the youth
my legs, they are strong and I walk for miles, the birds are my companions the orange breasted orioles sing to me, come down from their trees and ye look at me, we’re gentle together.
i alone experience and see the world as it truly is
and act as her ambassador, translating sins into words
that you throw back at me.
happiness is the natural way and any journey seeking it will leave you lost and thirsty. the method will remain secret.

pain is pain the streets cry out for me as I run from outside tautology, transmuting the hot angry rays into joy with the rush of air from singing oak trees and the stars rain light on my glowing skin wet defining vitality Om tat sat, I am that, the morning dew, the bluest, greenest, pure intact and Holy.

i come from the land of freedom indivision and imagination, of brilliant genius and musical security, and the others who lie with dogs bark and howl at the sweet scent, and I am, I am, I am a traveller, I am a traveller and my spaceship is Earth and do as you please but I will say what it is that I feel, and what I think is not what you would understand, and not even a matter of question as I'm composing post rock masterpieces

my matter weighs heavy and safe on my arms
and there are all things, and always in everything that
blissful golden eternity, there are the legions and then always
and originally, finally and inexplicably the One