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Message Subject Sovereign citizens: Is this an accurate portrayal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"What most people refer to as 'law' is not law. A law is something you are obligated to follow. Breaking Common Law, for example, would be rape, murder etc. There is an obligation under Common Law not to bring harm to others.

Most of these 'Acts' referred to as laws are not. They are statutes/legal that a human being is not obligated to consent to. They most certainly do not want you knowing this however! "

Again, says who? Who says that the Acts referred to as law are not?

That would be you...citing you. And I hate to break this to you, but the law doesn't change just because you *say* it has no authority over you. You citing yourself is essentially meaningless. Whether you agree or disagree with a given law is meaningless. You don't get to decide which laws are valid and which not.

We do. And by 'we', I mean the people through their elected representatives. Not you, typing on an online chat board.
 Quoting: J 34311994

People using sovereign arguments are forever quoting the Constitution & abiding by this document. Corporations posing as governments are forever disregarding the constitution.

The Constitution doesn't become irrelevant just because 'you' say so. In Australia, a referendum is required to alter any part of the constitution.

A corporation does not have the authority to create laws to force people to follow them, but can create contracts.

Anyhow, will say it is very obvious you are a shill. More proof that 'they' are concerned about this info getting out - lol.
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